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Cobra Genesis Atomizer Tank Clones $9.00 Shipped!


Fasttech prices from a USA vendor. You know I gotta throw this deal out there. Ultravaping just put all 4 different Cobra Genesis Atomizer tank clones on sale for just $9.00. And, to make the deal even sweeter… FREE SHIPPING is included!  Pretty good deal on a fairly standard genesis …

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MNKE 18650 IMR 1500mAh Battery $7.59


I get a lot of people asking me what 18650 battery is best for mechanical mods and where to get it. Let’s make a long story short. The MNKE 18650 IMR 1500mAh battery is considered the best by many as the safest battery to use in mechanical mods. Yes, even …

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Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tips $3.59


Here is another good deal on some drip tips. Quantum just placed their stainless steel 510 drip tips on sale 20% off. And on top of that… just use the coupon code “gotsmok10” for an additional 10% off the sale price! That brings their price for the stainless steel 510 …

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Critical Minds Fatboy Drip Tip Clone $2.30


If you follow me on instagram… you might know that my Sigelei 19 is topped off with a RSST and Critical Minds Fatboy drip tip. And I gotta say… it’s one nice looking setup. That being said… I bought my Fatboy for more than $20 just cause I liked the …

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Nimbus Atomizer Clone RDA (Rebuildable Dripper) $5.23


With the Nemesis clone release today… you would think that I wouldn’t need to post anything else all day. But when a Nimbus Atomizer clone hits the web on the same day… how can I not post it? Here you go. 3 post design works with single, dual, and quad …

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eGo MOD Battery Stand $2.90-5.35


Here is something I wish they release about 6 months ago. I would have been rocking these with the quickness. So… congrats everyone rocking there eGo MODs. A nice looking affordable battery stand has just hit the vape scene. You can either get a single or triple stand. They are …

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Delrin MFLUX Drip Tip Clone (Black & White) $1.97


Just when I thought we were done posting about the MFLUX drip tip clones… FT surprises us again. They just listed black & white MFLUX clones made out of Polyoxymethylene! What the heck is Polyoxymethylene? It’s otherwise known as Delrin. So… what’s so good about this? Basically… it’s a drip tip that …

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Vicious Ant Cyclone Clone (K6 RDA) $4.82


Here’s another RDA for #teamcheapmod. Introducing the Vicious Ant Cyclone Clone (named K6). It comes in as just $4.82. It features an aluminium and brass construction. It also has 2 posts and a raised bottom air hole. Not necessarily the same quality build of the original. But then again. It’s …

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