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Mini Vivi Nova Tank IN STOCK $3.34


The Mini Vivi Nova Tank has been the go to tank for the last few months. It has a reputation for being easy to use, clean & maintain. And, with replaceable atomizer heads… the mini vivi nova tank is no longer a use then throw away tank. It has become …

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Phoenix RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer) $5.49


The current trends in the e cig/vape world is mechanical this, mod that, and rebuildable atomizer/dripper. The reason for this is because with so many ways to setup your vape device… it becomes more personal. And what can get more personal then a choice of bright anodized drippers! Enter the Phoenix RDA (rebuildable dripper …

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Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer (Dripping) Clone $3.50


Have you been thinking about trying a RBA setup? Costs keeping you down? Well I have the answer. Reomods has there PHOENIX REBUILDABLE ATOMIZER clones on clearance. Price is $3.50 each. Shipping is a flat $2 as well. To anyone whose been thinking about getting a Phoenix rebuildable atomizer, grab …

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Vivi Nova Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer $4.94


Fasttech is having a blowout sale on there Vivi Nova Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer! Keep in mind that these are not Vision branded but  according to the forums… they seem to be working just as well (if not better). With a crazy clearance price and free worldwide shipping… the only way …

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Bauway CE4 Low Resistance Clearomizers $2.29


The Bauway CE4s are a great economical way to try out clearomizers on your e cig device without breaking the bank.  These clearomizers have a clear tank that holds 2ml of your favorite e liquid for plenty of vaping between refills. They are low resistance at 1.4-1.8 ohms so they …

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Vision Vivi Nova Mini $6.95


The Vision Vivi Nova Mini’s are just slightly larger in diameter than an eGo style battery making them the perfect size! Comes with pre-installed 1.8 Ohm long wick atomizer head. Price is for -one- tank with mouthpiece and one 1.8 Ohm long wick atomizer head.

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Cobra RBA Clone (Rebuildable Atomizer) $8.52


What can I say about Fasttech. They have awesome items. They always have great prices. And, to top it off… they always offer free worldwide shipping! Were not talking the usual 30 day plus china shipping. I personally upgrade my shipping for a few cents and have received my packages …

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