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Omega Style RDA Atomizer Clone $6.57


I know… I know. We all have seen 50+ Omega style clones. But, this one stands out from the rest so I gotta put it out there. FastTech just stocked an Omega style clone that’s as close to the original as possible. First off, this one features the same fat …

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Plano Line Spool Box $6.96


I was trolling on Facebook and I saw this awesome tip that I just had to share. Someone on there used this Plano Line Spool Box to organize all of their spools of kanthal wire. The trick is to use something to limit how much each individual spool will unravel. …

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Glass And Brass Drip Tips (2 Pack) $3.97


You asked for it. They listened and delivered. FastTech just stocked a glass and brass drip tip 2 pack. And, I gotta say, it looks pretty nice. I know what some of you guys are thinking… FastTech will take forever to get it to me. Hey, like my boy Juice …

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Glass And Steel 510 Drip Tips (2 Pack) $4.71


This is pretty cool. FastTech just stocked a 2 pack of glass and steel 510 drip tips. But get this, they priced it at just $4.71 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. That’s just $2.35 per drip tip! That’s more than 30% cheaper than the lowest price that we’ve seen so …

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Kanger Enclosed Wick Heads $9.99


Thanks to Frank for the heads up on this deal. First off, I didn’t even know that the new Kanger enclosed wick atomizer heads from the Aerotank Mega are already being stocked by vendors. But I guess they are. Good thing is that they are backwards compatible and work in …

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Nautilus Stainless Steel Tank $8.99


First off, shout out to Jerry for the heads up on this deal. It looks like Aspire decided to offer a stock Nautilus Stainless Steel Replacement Tank. And, after seeing how many aftermarket ones sold on eBay… I gotta say… I don’t blame them. But check this out. JJvapes just …

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Nautilus Replacement Pyrex Glass Tank $2.50


Are you in the market for a Nautilus replacement Pyrex glass tank? Well, today your in luck. FastTech just placed them in stock for just $2.39-$2.50 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! Why the price range? Because they have two different versions available. They have one with the logo and one …

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Vision Aurora (Deal Of The Day) $9.99


This is a pretty nice find. VaporBeast just placed the Vision Aurora on sale as their deal of the day. Price is $11.10. But, if you use the coupon code YEAHBABY, the price falls to just $9.99! A very small price to pay to transform your eGo battery into a …

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