$0 – $10

eGo MOD Battery Stand $2.90-5.35


Here is something I wish they release about 6 months ago. I would have been rocking these with the quickness. So… congrats everyone rocking there eGo MODs. A nice looking affordable battery stand has just hit the vape scene. You can either get a single or triple stand. They are …

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Delrin MFLUX Drip Tip Clone (Black & White) $1.97


Just when I thought we were done posting about the MFLUX drip tip clones… FT surprises us again. They just listed black & white MFLUX clones made out of Polyoxymethylene! What the heck is Polyoxymethylene? It’s otherwise known as Delrin. So… what’s so good about this? Basically… it’s a drip tip that …

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Vicious Ant Cyclone Clone (K6 RDA) $4.82


Here’s another RDA for #teamcheapmod. Introducing the Vicious Ant Cyclone Clone (named K6). It comes in as just $4.82. It features an aluminium and brass construction. It also has 2 posts and a raised bottom air hole. Not necessarily the same quality build of the original. But then again. It’s …

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Trident RDA Clone (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) $5.86


It seems like a new version of the Grand Vapor Trident RDA clone has hit the web. Keep in mind… it doesn’t look like a 1:1 replica like the previous versions we have already posted about. That being said… there is a $10 price difference so let’s see whats up. …

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MFLUX Drip Tip Clone (Colored Aluminium) $1.53


We’ve already seen the stainless and delrin versions of the MFLUX drip tip clone. So you shouldn’t be surprised to see the colored aluminium versions following suit. I’ve been waiting for these to release. Needless to say… my 10 pack order is already in. =) And from the looks of …

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Drip Tips Reloaded, FREE Shipping Included! $1 & Up


I love me some drip tips! There’s something very satisfying about being able to match your drip tips to you MOD. I need a moment here… =) TMI? hahaha. Just kidding. But seriously though. If your like me… your a drip tip junkie. The more the merrier. That’s why I …

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Sony us18650v3 IMR Battery 2 Pack $9.98


Here’s basically a breakdown of the current vape world. Mechanical MOD this, RBA that, sub ohm coil, sub ohm dual coil, sub ohm quad coil. See a pattern? With the recent sub ohm craze… safety is an ever present concern. A concern that can be minimized with one simple step… …

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Drip Tips Galore, FREE Shipping Included! $1 & Up


As some of you already know… I’m a bit picky about my MOD being color coordinated. Weird right? I can even admit… I may be a little OCD about it. Seriously. I’m always buying new drip tips to match my new MOD, RDA… heck even my eGo lanyard. I’m sure …

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