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IGO-W RDA Atomizer Clearance! $9.71


Here’s a pretty nice deal on an IGO-W RDA atomizer. VaporBeast just put them up as the deal of the day. And, get this… they priced them at just $10.79. Plus, like all VaporBeast orders… shipping is included for FREE! Now, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” or “WOWZY” …

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Translucent Poly Carbonate Project Box $8.98


This Hammond 1591 ATCL Translucent Poly Carbonate Project Box measures 3.9″ x 2″ x 0.8″ or 100mm x 50mm x 21mm. With all the excitement of the DNA30 clones hitting the scene, I’ve been reading a lot of do it yourself (DIY) manuals. With that being said Jc61990 who is a …

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Oxidized Stainless Steel Wick $1.00


I’m putting this up there for #teamtoolazytodoitmyself! =) It looks like UltraMist just placed their oxidized stainless steel wick on sale for just $1.00. Hey, I can see how this would be an option for those out there that don’t want to fire up the hand torch and roll their …

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Protank Replacement Coils (5 pack) $3.99


The last time that I posted this deal, they flew off the shelves. Hey, 5 Protank replacement coils for just $3.99… how could they not right? =) Well, it looks like SmartVapes has just restocked the deal. So have at it (again). It looks like they currently have 1.5, 1.8, 2.2 …

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Taifun GT Replacement Tank (7 Different Colors) $6.03


I almost missed this deal thinking it was the same old Kayfun M-Tank clones. But, looking a little closer, I saw something a little bit different. These aren’t tanks for the Kayfun. These are Taifun GT replacement polycarbonate tanks! Nice find for those of us that rock the Taifun GT …

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Chaplin Drip Tip Clone (4 New Colors) $6.35


Hey hey hey. Fasttech just stocked four new colors of the Chaplin Drip Tip Clone. Instead of just the standard stainless steel and gold found in the first release… they now added blue, green, yellow and red. Hey, you can’t complain about having options right? =) You can pick up …

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Kanger Mini Protank 3 Clearomizer $8.99


Here’s a pretty nice deal for those looking to pick up the Kanger Mini Protank 3 clearomizer. 101vape has just got them in stock for just $8.99 + shipping. Which is not a bad price at all. But, if you want it even cheaper… you can pick it up from …

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Kick 2 Clone (Variable Wattage Module) $9.07


It looks like FastTech just stocked the kick 2 clone. And, get this, they were able to price it at just $9.07 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included (as always). So what’s the difference between the original kick and the kick 2 clone? The kick 2 can be adjusted from 5-15 …

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