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Xtar MC2 Battery Charger $7.50


Here’s an awesome deal on the cost effective and efficient Xtar MC2 battery charger. 3avape has just placed these in stock and ready to ship for just $7.50 plus about $3 shipping. A pretty awesome price considering that the Xtar MC2 is basically an upgraded two channel MC1 intelligent charger …

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Pen Style Butane Torch $3.56


Re-stock alert! Not only did Fasttech just bring back their Pen Style Butane Torch but they also made it a dollar cheaper. Which brings it to a crazy low price at $3.56. All you rebuilders out there who need a torch might want to consider this. The flame is adjustable …

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5 Pack Aspire BVC Coil Heads $8.50


Here’s a decent deal on a 5 pack of the super popular Aspire BVC Replacement Coil Heads. 3avape has just placed them in stock and ready to ship for $8.50. Keep in mind that most vendors sell this same exact 5 pack anywhere from $12-15 plus add shipping. And, they …

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Sony VTC4 (Button Or Flat Top) $8.00


First off, shout out to Patricia for the heads up on this deal. It looks like LightningVapes (on eBay) ¬†just put the Sony VTC4 batteries on sale. Price is $8.00 for 1 or $15 for 2. That’s only $7.50 each if you buy 2! And, they have button or flat …

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Chuff Enuff Drip Top (2 Pack) $2.04


Following up on yesterday’s deal on the White Chuff Enuff Drip Top Clone deal… with something even more tempting. =) FastTech just placed a Chuff Enuff Drip Top 2 Pack in stock. And, it’s forcing me to change the order I placed yesterday. =) This 2 pack includes the black …

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Sony VTC5 18650 $9.99


I found a US vendor that is carrying the Sony VTC5 18650 batteries at a very nice price. $9.99 per battery is a steal for beast of a battery. The only 18650 battery I personally use and recommend to everyone looking for a 18650. Vape at sub ohm levels safely …

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Chuff Enuff Drip Top Clone $1.28


I’m surprised that China was able to clone these so fast. The clone of the drip top by Chuff Enuff has just hit the shelves over at FastTech at a price of just $1.28! Considering that the authentic Chuff drip tops sell for $22 + shipping… this is one hell …

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Aspire BDC Kit $7.50


Here is a pretty decent deal on the Aspire BDC Kit that will save you a buck or two. This simple to use glass clearomizer kit comes in 4 pieces which keeps it easy to maintain and clean. The stats on the Aspire BDC Kit are: 75mm height, 14mm diameter, …

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