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Hcigar VT200 Bundle $149.99


Here’s another nice ecig-city bundle. This time… it’s built on the Hcigar VT200 mod. You get to choose from three different colorways for the mod: blue, black or stainless steel. Then you get EITHER a black TFV4 by Smok or a cyclone 50w by Sense. Either way… this will be …

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VRsx Temp Control Mod (YiHi SX350J) $145.95


VaporRider just released the brand new VRsx Temp Control Mod. It’s one of the smallest devices powered with the YiHi SX350J chip. And, it looks steamlined, simple and comfortable. With all that said… you’re going to have to pay to play with this mod. They have it priced at $145.95. Whatcha …

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Simeiyue SDNA 200W TC Mod $122.00


As always, let me start this off by saying that this is a pre-sale (October 30th) so do with that as you will. Now that we have that out of the way…. Here is the Simeiyue SDNA 200W TC Mod which contains a genuine Evolv DNA200 chip inside of it. The …

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SX Mini ML Class (pre-order) $199.99


Here’s a deal that I’m sure a few of you out there in the VAPE DEALS community would be interested in jump on. Ecig-city just placed the BRAND NEW SX Mini ML Class Mod on sale (as a pre-sale) for $199.99. And when I say BRAND NEW… I mean it. …

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Hcigar VT200 Evolv DNA 200 Mod $128.00


Here’s a nice deals if you’re looking to pick up an Hcigar VT200 Box Mod. VapeDemand is hooking up the VAPE DEALS community. They have the silver and black colorways in stock and ready to ship in 5 business days. They are priced at $180. But, use the coupon code …

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Hcigar VT 200 / Lowpro / RH Mini Bundle $180.00


Here’s another high powered bundle featuring the Hcigar VT 200 box mod brought to you by our friends over at Ecig-city. This bundle is priced at $180.00. Which is about $40 off the MSRP of $220.00. First off… you get the Hcigar VT 200 box mod. Then you get your …

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Black Smok X-cube 2 Bundle $105.00


Ecig-city just placed a pre-sale up for the Black Smok X-cube 2. Actually, they made it a bundle to boot. This bundle includes the Black Smok X-cube 2 (of course). Then, they are throwing in a Black Smok TFV4 Tank. And finally… they are finishing up this bundle with an …

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Snowwolf & Junkie Juice Bundle $130.00


Here’s a good deal if your in need of a 200w box mod and your a juice junkie. Ultramist just gave me the heads up that they have the black Snowwolf 200w box mod in stock and ready to ship for $130.00. Plus, they are throwing in FREE SHIPPING. I’m …

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Hcigar VT200 / Sense Cyclone Bundle $190.00


Here’s a nice deal for those looking to pick up a high power setup. Ecig-city just put up a new bundle. This one includes the Hcigar VT200 box mod and the brand new Sense Cyclone Sub-ohm tank. The Hcigar VT200 is powered by an AUTHENTIC DNA 200 by Evolv. And, …

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Hohm Wrecker Mod (Limited Ed) $152.95


VaporBeast just place two new limited edition Hohm Wrecker Mods in stock and ready to ship: burst orange & matte black. Each is priced at $169.95. But, use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” at checkout and the price of the Hohm Wrecker Mod drops to $152.95 with FREE SHIPPING included. Not …

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