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Hcigar HB DNA 40 Box Mod $107.99


Looking to pick up an authentic DNA 40 device but you don’t want to pay the premium prices that they go for? Well… VaporDNA just placed the Hcigar HB DNA 40 Box Mod in stock and ready to ship in 2 different colorways: black & silver. They are priced at …

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Lotus Jellyfish 53 Watt Box Mod $115.00


VapeDemand has just dropped their price on the Lotus Jellyfish 53 Watt Box Mod to $115.00. Some of you might be saying to yourself… that price though. Others might be saying… what the heck, 53 watts? The let the number 53 fool you. Everything I’ve heard is that the Lotus …

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Flaskman (Carbon Fiber PSO Edition) $324.99


This is definitely not a deal for die hard #teamcheapmod members. But, I know that there are more than a few of you out there in the VAPE DEALS community that would appreciate the heads up so I’m putting it up. The Carbon Fiber Project Sub-ohm Flaskman will be available …

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Vapor Shark rDNA 40 Box Mod $184.99


DNA has the hard to get Vapor Shark rDNA 40 Box Mod in stock and ready to ship! Keep in mind that you will have to wait a minimum of 15 business days to get this directly at the Vapor Shark website. And you’ll have to pay the full price …

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Provari Mini 2.5 (Gun Metal Zenkote) $110.00


Matty D gave me a heads up on a nice vape deal for you Provari Mini 2.5 fans out there. It looks like ProVape has the Provari Mini 2.5 Gun Metal Zenkote on sale as their special of the week. They have it priced at $110.00 with FREE domestic shipping …

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IPV3 and Subtank Giveaway


Congrats Leroy J!  The Kanger Subtank in this giveaway was provided by EVCigarettes. Go show them some love. The IPV3 was provided by Vape.Deals. OOOOOHHHH YUUUUP! A little piece of admins personal collection! Yall ready for this? The IPV3 and Subtank Giveaway is in full effect! Why are we doing …

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Project Sub-ohm Agent 110 Watt Box Mod $189.99


The brand new Project Sub-ohm Agent has just been released at VaporDNA. It’s a variable voltage device that can handle up to 110 watts and can fire atomizers as low as .27 ohms. It features a matte black svelte box engraved with the Conspiracy Inc signature emblems, magnetized door, brass …

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E-ray Mod By JD Tech (88 Watt) $370.00


Definitely not a deal for #teamcheapmod. But, I had to put it up. Just because the E-ray mod by JD Tech is just too damn SEKSI. The MSRP is $375. But, use the coupon code “5OFF” at checkout and the price falls to $370 with FREE SHIPPING and a FREE …

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