$10 – $25

Jesus Style Mod $21.85


Ohhhh Lordy. See what I did there? The Jesus Style Mod is a real thing.  The real question is do you need a battery for this? Or does it use the power of Christ? The Bible gift box was a nice touch I must say though! I wonder if someone …

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Mutation X RDA (Black, Copper Or SS) $21.95


The Kings has a nice deal going on the Mutation X RDA Atomizer. First off (at the time of this posting) they have all three colorways in stock and ready to ship: black, copper & stainless steel. Second off… they dropped their price to just $21.95. That’s about $11 (or …

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HotWires By Chadster 10% Off


HotWires by Chadster are some of the best wires I’ve ever worked with. If you don’t know who Chadster is, he is the guy who invented the “Center Post Build.” These wires seem to heat up quicker than most and as a result gives off huge clouds.  You can go with …

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Kuro Koiler Wire Coiling Tool $19.99


Coil Jigs are a thing of the past. I’m hitting you guys with that NEW NEW! I’ve checked around, this is the first deal on any site for these bad boys! Let me introduce you guys to The Kuro Koiler wire coiling tool. With this little tool you can build perfect …

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Vertex v2 Style RDA $10.67


Here’s another nice RDA brought to you by Angelcigs. They just stocked a Vertex v2 Styled RDA Atomizer for $10.67. And, this one also ships out of their USA warehouse. This Vertex v2 Styled RDA features a three post deck, deep juice well & reduced chamber. From the pics, it …

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Sovereign Style RDA (Black Or Copper) $11.08


Angelcigs just stocked a Sovereign Style RDA Atomizer in two colorways: black and copper. Each costs $11.08. And, they both ship out of their USA warehouse. It features adjustable airflow control, a 2.5mm deep drip well & milled negative posts with 2mm wire holes. And, they even throw in the …

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iSmoka Eleaf GS Air Atomizer $14.95


With how popular the iStick has become… the new iSmoka Eleaf GS Air Atomizer is certain to be an instant hit. And, Iconvape just placed a pre-sale up on the Bay for $14.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. First off… it was designed by iSmoka Eleaf (the same people who …

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Authentic Mutation X V2 $22.95


Heres one for all you on team #NotAClone. A great deal on the Authentic Mutation X V2 popped up over on the bay. This vendor recently dropped the price on this item by $7.04 and now offers free shipping as well. No coupon code necessary. This RDA is extremely easy …

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