$10 – $25

SvoeMesto Kayfun v3.1 ES RBA Clone $21.37


We’ve seen a couple places with the Kayfun Lite clone in stock. But guess who was  the first to carry the SvoeMesto Kayfun v3.1 ES clone. If you guess the company we all love to hate… you were right. Well, “carry” is a relative term being as there ship date it 12 …

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Ohm Meter (IN STOCK & Ready To Ship) $24.95


With these flying out the doors and selling out hours after I post deals up… I can just assume that the ohm meter thirst is still real. Well, I promised that I’m gonna keep finding em in stock until everyone who wants one has one. So, here is today’s ohm …

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AIOS T/D Clone (Hybrid Chi You Atomizer) $18.76


The AIOS T/D clone is the RBA/RDA that I’ve been waiting for. And judging by the amount of Chi You clones that sold… a few of you have been waiting for it as well. Well, the wait is over. The AIOS T/D clone has just hit the web and at …

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Brass Nemesis Clone $23.00


I woke up this morning to an explosion of e-mails. The brass Nemesis clone has dropped! I opened up my browser and checked for myself… sure enough… the brass Nemesis clone has just hit the web. And, at just $23.00!  Crazy price for and awesome clone. I’m pretty sure that …

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Vamo v2 Chromed Edition $25.41


4 new colors of the Vamo v2 chromed edition have hit FT. And they are still priced under $26 shipped worldwide. Which makes the Vamo v2 chromed edition one of the most affordable & feature packed regulated mod in the market. Seriously… variable voltage, variable wattage, ohm reader & battery …

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M11 BCC Starter Kit $15.71


I have a feeling that 14500 mods are gonna start getting more popular. What’s not to like about a smaller (more stealthy) vape? Seriously… you don’t always need a hugh 18650 mod right? =) Well, if you’ve been wanting to try a 14500 MOD but have been waiting for a …

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eGo-V v2 Mega eVod Starter Kit (Stainless/Black) $21.78


Finally… the eGo-V v2 starter kits have hit Fasttech. And, you know what that means. There at an awesome price & they also ship for free! And honestly… I don’t know what more you can ask from a starter kit. It features an 1300mAh eGo-V battery, an eVod clearomizer & …

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Smok RSST RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) $19.99


I posted this Smok RSST RBA deal 2 weeks ago and it sold out with the quickness. Well, it’s back and the deal is even better than before. Right now… Vapor Mania has placed the Smok RSST RBA on sale for just $19.99. As if that price alone isn’t good …

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