$10 – $25

Sentinel M16 Mechanical MOD Clone $10.57


Wow. And I thought that the past Grand Vapor Sentinel deals were hot. Christmas came 10 months early today. =) OK, I may be exaggerating a little. But, this is one hell of a deal. The China vendor we all love to hate just stocked the Sentinel M16 telescopic mechanical …

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Turtle Ship v2 MOD Clone (Stainless Steel/Brass) $23.93


The vendor we all love to hate just placed the Turtle Ship v2 clone in stock at the lowest price seen so far! They have both the stainless steel and brass versions of the Turtle Ship v2 clone. And, both of them are priced under $24 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING …

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Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths Kit $14.43


I get e-mails all the time asking how I clear my MODs. Well, for my mechanical mods… I completely disassemble them. Clean them with liquid soap and hot water. Then I towel dry them. Reassemble them. And, finally… polish them up real nice with my Cape Cod metal polishing cloths. …

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Kayfun Lite 3.1 RBA Atomizer Clone $14.14

Here’s another great deal on a Kayfun Lite 3.1 RBA atomizer clone. Actually, maybe it’s more of a Russian 91% clone. Or… Kayfun Lite Plus clone. Whatever you wanna call it. If you use the coupon code “gotsmok5” the price drops to just $14.14. Which is pretty much the cheapest …

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Brass Astro Mechanical MOD Clone $17.02


I nice little surprise hit the vendor we all love to hate this morning. They finally stocked the brass Astro mechanical MOD clone. And, the best part is that they priced it at only $17.02 with FREE SHIPPING included. Granted the pictures looked a little rushed and dirty but at …

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E-juice 2 Die 4 (15mL Bottles) $10.79


I’m especially addicted to dessert & fruit juices right now for some reason. And, I’m always down to try some new juice lines. Especially when I feel it’s worth it, can get a discount, can get cash back & get a bonus! =) So, I was over at DNA and …

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Y1000 Hybrid Mechanical Mod $24.67


The vendor we all love to hate just placed the Y1000 hybrid mechanical mod in stock. It’s currently available in 5 different colors: black, blue, green, red & silver. And it’s a perfect mod for those of us that want the performance of a hybrid mod with the convenience of …

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E juice Display Stand (60 Bottles) $20.99


If you’ve been vaping for a while… I know you have a pretty decent collection of juice. How can you organize better than a E juice Display Stand. Especially an E juice Display Stand that can hold up to 60 bottles! Well, I found one on Amazon that’s currently on …

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