$10 – $25

KTS Mechanical Telescopic Mod $19.44


I wanted to bring this deal back up.  Only because this is my favorite low cost mech mod.  The KTS mechanical mod is straight forward.  Nothing complicated.  Has a nice look.  Takes many batteries.  Fits anyone’s budget.  I like modding this device in particular.  Either polishing it to be entirely …

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EGO T4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit $12.45


I remember my first kit.  If I only knew how hardcore I would get into this vape game.  I would have bought my Provari from the start.  Go big or go home right?  Well not exactly.  It just took that first kit much like the EGO T4 Kit, not too …

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K100 Mechanical MOD (New 3 Color Design) $18.75


It’s funny how things work out. Just yesterday I was thinking that we haven’t posted a decent k100 mechanical mod deal in a minute. I mean last time was when we broke the new colors almost a month ago! Well here’s to perfect timing cause we get to break not …

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IGO-W Rebuildable Atomizer $14.95


I was approached by a friend the other day.  A build on an IGO-W rebuildable, dual coil using a single continuous wire.  I was amazed how even the glow was between each coil.  Holes through the three posts makes it possible to use a single wire for dual coil builds. …

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Kangertech Protank 2 (IN STOCK, READY 2 SHIP) $17.95


If your like me… sometimes your willing to pay just a little more to not have to deal with a pre-sale. And it seems that the Kangertech Protank 2 is in pre-sold all over the place but no one has them in stock. Until now! Here you go… follow the …

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Grand Vapor Trident RBA Clone $16.35


I hope the e-cig manufacturers start to listen. It seems like the general consensus is that (at least for now) we have had enough of the MOD clone wars. We want the atomizer clone wars to pick up some steam. And this Grand Vapor Trident RBA clone is a good …

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MOD Travel Case (Waterproof & Crushproof) $22.45


It’s not very often that I post a MOD travel case deal. In fact… I think that this is the first one. I guess that’s because this is the first one worth mentioning. =) Check this case out. According to the description… it is water, dust & crush proof. It’s …

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Sigelei 8w Mechanical MOD (Caravella Clone) $24.63


You still got a few days to jump on this hot deal on the Sigelei 8w. AKA “The Sigelei Caravella Clone”. And after reading the reviews on this mechanical MOD… getting it for less than $25 is a steal. Geez… it seems like I’ve been saying that a lot lately. …

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