$10 – $25

M11 BCC Starter Kit $15.71


I have a feeling that 14500 mods are gonna start getting more popular. What’s not to like about a smaller (more stealthy) vape? Seriously… you don’t always need a hugh 18650 mod right? =) Well, if you’ve been wanting to try a 14500 MOD but have been waiting for a …

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eGo-V v2 Mega eVod Starter Kit (Stainless/Black) $21.78


Finally… the eGo-V v2 starter kits have hit Fasttech. And, you know what that means. There at an awesome price & they also ship for free! And honestly… I don’t know what more you can ask from a starter kit. It features an 1300mAh eGo-V battery, an eVod clearomizer & …

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Smok RSST RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) $19.99


I posted this Smok RSST RBA deal 2 weeks ago and it sold out with the quickness. Well, it’s back and the deal is even better than before. Right now… Vapor Mania has placed the Smok RSST RBA on sale for just $19.99. As if that price alone isn’t good …

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Smoktech RSST Genesis Atomizer (AC9 Clone) $23.05


I posted a $19.99 Smoktech RSST Genesis Atomizer deal last week and it sold out with the quickness. I get the point… the RSST still has a high demand. Well, here you go. Not quite as good as last weeks deal but still a good deal in it’s own right. …

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Nitecore Intellicharger i4 v2 $19.40


I can’t stress this enough… GET YOURSELF A GOOD BATTERY CHARGER! Real talk… just spend the $20… and know that you are safely charging your batteries. Because all it takes is 1 bad battery or 1 bad charge to cause a lot of damage. Besides… when you can get one …

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Youde IGO-T Titanium Rebuildable Atomizer $23.91


Here’s the newest RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) from Youde. The same company that has brought you the IGO-L, IGO-W & AGA-T2. Need I say more… you know the quality is gonna be top notch. Introducing the Youde IGO-T Titanium. The Youde IGO-T Titanium features a titanium cap & base and …

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Kayfun Clone (Rocket Rebuildable Atomizer) $13.37


You know all about the Kayfun and it’s high end clone the Russian & the Russian 91%. And, you may also know that these devices go for anywhere between $90-200+. Seriously… $200 dollars for an atomizer. That’s kinda crazy to me. Well, Fasttech just released a cheap version of the …

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Doc Dave Steam Turbine Clone $23.00


Another shot has been fired in the #clonewars. This time around… the Doc Dave Steam Turbine clone has hit the web priced at just $23.00. Detractors can say what they wanna say about the quality of the finish or the poorly cut glass… all I gotta say is this. For …

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