2016 nitecore i4

2016 Nitecore i4 $9.95 LG HE2 (Pair) $5.00

Two of ecig.com’s Cyber Monday deals have just went live. You can pick up a pair of LG HE2 batteries for just $5.00! Or, pick up the brand new 2016 Nitecore i4 for just $9.95! Or, you can pick up both of them for less than $15.00… just saying. =) Seriously though, this deal is pretty nice for those out there in the market for a new charger or a pair (or more) of new batteries.

2016 Nitecore i4


LG HE2 (Pair)


  • Arkansas Dave

    Yea great deal until you factor in the $12 shipping charge!!

    • Jeremy

      Yikes! Yeah, that definitely makes a difference…


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