$25 – $50

Cosmic Fog Juice Pack (4 Bottles) $39.99


Here’s a decent deal for those out there in the GOTSMOK community interested in trying out the Cosmic Juice line of e-liquids. I just noticed that VaporDNA has a Cosmic Fog Juice Pack on sale for just $44.99. Use the coupon code “5OFF” and the price falls even further to …

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Ares 26650 RBA/MOD $24.45 to $58.86


This one looks good if your in the market for a MONSTER 26650 mod. FastTech just stocked the Ares 26650 MOD & RBA atomizer. I gotta say, they have that certain “IT” factor when they are paired together. The Ares MOD features brass contacts, adjustable center pin & reverse threaded locking ring. The …

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Stingray X Style Mechanical Mod $28.10


The Stingray X Style Mechanical Mod just dropped over at FastTech in this new color way. There are 2 versions that you can get in this color way, a 3 in 1 18350/18500/18650 version or a 26650 big boy.  The deep engravings are a nice touch on a overall beast …

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Fat Snow Wolf Clone 26650 $25.83


A new 26650 mod has dropped over at Fasttech. The Fat Snow Wolf Clone is here and in 3 different colors. One is black and copper plated finish on a stainless steel construction. The next comes in all stainless steel. The last one is an all copper construction. All 3 look pretty clean …

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IGO-M v2 RDA Atomizer By UD $35.99


I’ve always been a fan of Youde (UD) ever since I copped my first IGO-L. It’s their combination of quality build and cheap pricing that makes me want to promote their new products whenever I can. Well… here you go. The brand new IGO-M v2 RDA Atomizer just hit the …

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Sioux Mod Clone $20.96 – $30.89


This clone release was surprising to me just because the authentic version was so limited. Some sources said that it was limited to just 200 pieces. Well, that all just changed with this release. FastTech just stocked the Sioux Mod Clone in four different colorways: brass, copper, gold & stainless …

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Illuminatus Mod Clone Set $29.40


The Illuminatus Mod Clone Set just hit the shelves over at FastTech for $29.40 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. It features copper contacts, adjustable positive pin & 2 magnets to convert the spring-loaded firing button to a magnetic switch. But, the best part about the Illuminatus Mod Clone is that …

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Moes Potions UK E-juice Pack $28.76


Here’s a good deal for those juice junkies out there in the GOTSMOK community that want’s to try something different. I just noticed that VaporDNA has their 4 pack of Moes Potions on sale for $31.96. Now, if you use the coupon code “DNA10” the price falls even further to …

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