$25 – $50

26650 Knurled King Mod Clone $30.59


Let’s put it all out on the table. When the King Mod first hit the streets, I wasn’t a big fan. But, with the new 26650 Knurled King Mod Clone that just hit the shelves over at fasttech, I gotta say… I like it a lot. Maybe it’s how the …

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Akuma Style Mechanical Mod Clone $31.56


A much better version of the Akuma Style Mod Clone has hit the shelves over at FastTech today. In fact… it looks a lot like the version Twisted reviewed that spanked the authentic version’s ass (see below). This Akuma Style Clone features brass top/bottom caps, copper tubes for 18350/18500/18650, adjustable …

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CLT RDA Atomizer By Infinite $31.49


Many out there in the GOTSMOK community already know that Infinite makes some of the best/most accurate clones. Well, how many of you knew that they are also producing original atomizers as well? Introducing the Infinite CLT RDA Atomizer. It’s made out of 304 stainless steel and features cyclops style …

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Copper Morpheus Mod Clone (Full Set) $29.77


And I thought the two tone version was SEKSI. FastTech just stocked the full set of the Copper Morpheus Mod Clone. Price is just $29.77 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. This Copper Morpheus Clone features copper contact pins, adjust positive pin & reverse threaded locking ring. And did I say …

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Squier Mod By Squier Design Studio $50.00


Here’s a pretty good deal an an authentic mod. UltraMist has the Squier Mod by Squier Design Studio on sale. Regular MSRP is $100. UltraMist’s normal price is $70. And, their sale price is $50! That’s 50% off of the regular MSRP! Not a bad deal at all considering that …

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26650 King Mod Clone (Copper / Black) $34.60


2 pretty SEKSI versions of the 26650 King Mod Cone have just the shelves over at FastTech. They have a copper version for $34.60 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. And, they also have a brass version with a black plated battery tube for $30.59 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included as …

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Cartel Mod Clone (Full Set) $32.63


Now these are the Cartel Mod Clones that I have been waiting for. FastTech just stocked the Full Set Cartel Mod Clone in both stainless steel and brass. Both are described as 1:1 clones and feature an adjustable center pin, a full set up tubes and laser engravings. Personally, I’m …

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Overdose Mod / RDA Atomizer Clone $34.35


The copper Overdose has just hit the shelves at FastTech in 3 different flavors. First off… the copper mechanical mod clone for $23.38. It features copper contact pins, adjustable center pin & reverse threaded locking ring. Second up to bat is the copper RDA atomizer for $11.57. It features a …

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