$25 – $50

JD Tech Stingray MOD (Two Tone) Clone $30.90


Shots fired in the #clonewars this morning. The vendor we all love to hate just stocked the two tone brushed version of the JD Tech Stingray MOD clone. And… in true FastTech fashion… they were able to undercut other vendors by about $10. Which… turns out to be about 25% …

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Stainless Steel Maraxus MOD Clone + V Tank $37.96


The vendor we all love to hate just placed the stainless steel Maraxus MOD clone in stock! Now, I may be mistaken… but I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that the stainless steel Maraxus clone has hit the market. I mean… we’ve seen the two tone Maraxus …

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Sony 30 Amp 18650 Battery (3 Pack) + Free Juice $25.99


If your looking to pick up some quality batteries but want to shop at a USA vendor… check out this deal. It looks like DNA just re-stocked on their Sony 30 amp 18650 battery 3 pack. Basically… you get 3 Sony 30 amp 18650 batteries plus 1 FREE bottle of …

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Innokin iTaste SVD APV (Variable Volt/Watt) $37.21


I know that this deal has been around for a while. But, with so many people switching over to vaping every day… it’s always good to put reminders out there. If your looking for a solid APV (advanced personal vaporizer) on the cheap… you don’t have to look much further …

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780 Genesis MOD Starter Kit $49.95


I was just over at DragonFly and I noticed that they still have the 780 genesis mod starter kit on clearance. According to the vendor… the 780 genesis MOD starter kit features a¬†stainless steel build with a 4.5 ml Fused Quartz tank. And, each kit comes set up with mesh …

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Innokin iTaste MVP v1 Starter Kit $32.39


Hey, DNA is having a pretty nice deal on the Innokin iTaste MVP v1 starter kit. First off… they just dropped the price down to just $35.99. And, if you use the coupon code “DNA10″… the price drops even further to just $32.39. Not a bad deal at all considering …

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Vaporcraze Keg Cap (Restocked) $25.20


The first time I posted the Vaporcraze Keg Cap… it sold out with the quickness. It isn’t hard to see why. First off… the Vaporcraze Keg Cap is made right here in the USA. Second off… it’s compatible with 3 different popular atomizers: IGO-W/L, Nimbus & Helios. Third off… it …

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Hcigar Caravela MOD Clone $39.99


The Hcigar version of the ultimate unicorn has just became available.And, from a USA vendor no less. 101 has just placed the Hcigar Caravela MOD clone in stock and ready to ship. And from the looks of it… it comes as a complete set. It looks like it includes the …

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