$25 – $50

Zen Atty Pro Clone Hybrid $33.45


Have the hybrid flood gates opened or what? Just last week I posted the Zen Atty Pro clone for $15.99. And here we are… not even a whole week later and they Zen Atty Pro Clone Hybrid edition is released! And I gotta say… it looks kinda nice. Keep in …

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Magneto w/ NO LOGO & Adjustable Pin (PRESALE) $34.00


I swear… my man @VAPESTARS always comes with the heat when he puts me on a deal. And this is one hell of a Magneto deal. First of all… this is a PRE-SALE deal. So if you’re looking to get your hands it right now… you might wanna check out …

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Smoktech Winder VV & ARO Pyrex BCC $29.39


I gotta say… while surfing MadVapes I came accross the Smoktech Winder VV 900mAh & ARO Pyrex BCC tank. And, I gotta admit… it looks like a solid match. And, if your like me… you gotta coordinate! And these make it easy. Available in black, red, silver, blue and pink… …

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Kamry K300 BCC Hybrid (Juggernaut Clone) $49.23


Here is the first pre-sale on the Kamry K300 BCC Hybrid. Yes, you read that right… a BCC hybrid. For those not familiar with vape terms… BCC stands for “bottom coil clearomizer”. Quite simply, it’s the same system found in the popular Protank & Puritank. The thing is that all …

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Smok Magneto (With Or Without Smok Logo) $39.99


The new Smok Magneto is the hottest mechanical MOD out right now. This is for a couple reasons. Reason #1… it is the first AFFORDABLE MOD that has a real magnetic switch. That alone is reason to celebrate. Which leads to reason #2. Reason #2… more importantly… early reviews of …

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GG Ithaka Clone (Rebuildable Atomizer) $35.22


The GG (Golden Greek) is one of the gods of the vape world. There is no doubt that it owns 1 of the 12 seats on Mount Olympus. But along with being a god comes a godlike price. So it’s not a surprise that a GG Ithaka clone is priced …

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Sigelei 20 + Kick Starter Kit EXCLUSIVE DEAL! $35.98


Here’s another GOTSMOK & 101VAPE exclusive deal to rock the vape world! At least rock your Sunday =). Just click the “limited time offer” link below to bring you 101VAPE. Add a Sigelei 20 Mechanical MOD & a Sigelei kick to your cart. Use the coupon codes “july20off + gotsmok20kick” …

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AGT Titanium Atomizer (Lowest Price By A Mile!) $27.36


I first posted about the AGT Titanium atomizer a few weeks ago. It’s a Titanium RBA (rebuildable atomizer) from the same makers of the AGA-T2, IGO-L & IGO-W. The price was set at $35 and it was an instant sellout. Since then… the price has stayed the same if not …

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