$25 – $50

ZMAX Variable Voltage MOD Starter Kit $47.47


The ZMAX variable voltage MOD is a solid MOD for those looking to get into a vv ecig. I should know… it was the first AVP (advanced personal vaporizer) that I bought after my eGo twist. It looks good, provides a days worth of vapage and just works. And here …

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Vamo v3 MOD (Black Chrome) IN STOCK! $32.62


Last week we posted the Vamo v3 MOD in chrome when it first released. And for those of you who prefer the black chrome look… your in luck. Most dealers don’t have this APV (advanced personal vaporizers) in stock yet. Or if they do… they are selling upwards of $50 …

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VAMO v3 Variable Voltage/Wattage APV $32.18


Here’s the follow-up deal to yesterday’s Vamo v3 Starter Kit deal for those of you who already have batteries and a charger and just want the Vamo v3 by itself! And, you can have it for just $32.18 (shipped free)! That’s just an insane price on a brand new APV (advance …

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Evolv Kick (IN STOCK & DISCOUNT CODE) $42.70


With all these mechanical MODs releasing lately… it’s only right to try and find the Evolv Kick at a good price. Then I started looking. I soon began to realize that just finding the Evolv Kick in stock is a feat upon itself. Well, it was found… and with a …

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Vamo V3 Starter Kit (Brand New) $45.97


Most vendors don’t have the Vamo v3 in stock yet. And, here is Fasttech release a Vamo v3 starter kit at a price that will make most vendors cringe. For $45.97 (FREE SHIPPING) you get (1) Vamo v3, (1) charger, (2) atomizers, (2) 18350 batteries & (1) extension battery cone. …

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Innokin iTaste SVD (Superior Vaping Device) $39.03


The Innokin iTaste SVD has gotten decent reviews. The only problem seems to be trying to find it in stock. And when you do find it in stock… it’s usually priced between $80-$100. Well, that all changes now. FastTech has just released the Innokin iTaste SVD. And, in true FastTech …

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Vamo v2 (chrome or black chrome) $32


And the hits don’t stop from my boy @vapestars. Here is a great deal on a Vamo v2 (chrome or black chrome) if you don’t want to order from across the seas. For $32 you get a APV (advanced personal vaporizer) that features variable voltage/wattage, resistance check & battery check. …

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Innokin iTaste VV 800mAh Battery $23.56


Here is a decent deal for those who are looking to get started with variable voltage. For less than the average price of a 800 mAh eGo twist… you can have an Innokin iTaste VV. It’s a variable voltage device that ranges from 3.3v – 5.0v. It also features an …

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