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3avape Cotton / Wicking Deals $0.81+

Realistically, cotton is probably one of the least exciting things to shop for (along with batteries).  But it is a necessity for most of us, so I thought this was worth mentioning.  If your supply is running low, I’d recommend heading over to 3avape.  They’ve got some fantastic deals on the table right now.  The prices start at just $0.81!  Check out the list below.  Just be sure to log into your 3avape account before you start shopping (to get the VIP prices) and use coupon code “DBF15” at checkout (to get an extra 15% off).

3avape offers FREE shipping when you spend $30 or more.

3avape Cotton Deals

  • $0.81 Coil Father Toothpick Cotton
  • $0.84 Geekvape Organic Cotton Balls
  • $0.84 G-TASTE Organic Cotton Balls
  • $0.98 Vapefly Cotton Clouds
  • $1.02 G-Taste Cotton
  • $1.19 Vapefly Wicking Cotton
  • $1.28 XFKM Organic Cotton
  • $1.36 G-Taste Preloaded Shoelace Cotton
  • $1.49 Geekvape Koh Gen Do Organic Cotton
  • $1.66 Vapor Storm Cotton King
  • $1.69 Hugsvape Snow Cotton
  • $1.87 G-Taste Mixed Shoelace Cotton
  • $1.96 Coilology Premium Quality Cotton
  • $2.00 Demon Killer Muscle Cotton II
  • $2.00 Coilology Thread Cotton
  • $2.04 VapJoy Jellylyfe Organic Cotton Pack
  • $2.04 Demon Killer Slacker Cotton Hardcover
  • $2.08 Demon Killer Slacker Cotton (60-pack)
  • $2.13 Vapefly Firebolt Cotton
  • $2.25 Vivismoke Hiphop Vape Cotton
  • $3.19 Advken Doctor Coil Preloaded Cotton (50-pack)
  • $3.27 Geekvape Feather Cotton
  • $3.40 Wick N Vape Cotton Bacon Prime
  • $5.10 MUJI Japanese Organic Cotton (180-pack)
  • $5.53 Puffs Japanese Organic Cotton (200-pack)

LOG IN and Use Coupon Code: DBF15 (expires 6/9/19)


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement