$50 – $100

Patriot RDA Version 1.2 By (Authentic) $57.99


With the original Patriot RDA deal selling out not once but twice. And, with the quickness… you know the thirst is real for this dripper. Well, 101 stepped it up a notch. They just placed the newest Patriot RDA (version 1.2) in stock and ready to ship. And, in true …

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Vapage VMOD Premium Kit $69.95


If you’ve been looking to pick up a Vapage VMOD Premium Kit at a discount but don’t wanna have to buy 2 just to get the discount… I have the deal for you. It looks like Dragon just put the silver premium kit on clearance for $69.95. That’s 30% off …

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Limited Edition Russian 91 RBA Atomizer $89.99


Well… look who’s vape mail came in today. Check out this Limited Edition Russian 91 RBA atomizer sitting on top of my Nemesis clone. I gotta say… this is one SEKSI rebuildable. I think I finally found the RBA that’s gonna sit on top of my legit Vaperev Nemesis. =) …

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iTaste VTR Blowout (RESTOCK) $69.99


It looks like the best deal going on the iTaste VTR has just been restocked. 101 just updated their site to show the Innokin iTaste VTR available in both the stainless steel & camo colorways. And, staying true to their “FastTech of the West” reputation… they were still able to …

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Limited Edition VaporDNA Russian 91 $89.99


I love it when I wake up to an awesome release. Especially when it is something that I’ve been waiting patiently for! With that said… check out the limited edition VaporDNA Russian 91 RBA that just dropped! Seriously… ever since the Russian 91 dropped, the first thought that went through …

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Innokin iTaste VTR APV $69.99


It’s been a while since we’ve seen an Innokin iTaste VTR APV deal. But, that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the variable voltage / wattage crowd. So here you go. The best Innokin iTaste VTR APV deal has just been restocked! And, it’s been upgraded. According to the vendor… his is …

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Vicious Ant Valkyrie Clone (PRE-SALE) $56.95


The Vicious Ant Valkyrie clone has just hit pre-sales in very limited amounts. And, if you want one… I’ve got your back. SunnyVaping has just put a limited amount in stock as a pre-sale. It’s scheduled to ship within a month so the wait shouldn’t be too long. The Vicious …

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Kebo Russian 91 RBA Atomizer $83.25


I’ve gotten a few requests to post a Kebo Russian 91 RBA atomizer deal. Well, here you go. Vaporkings currently has the Kebo Russian 91 RBA atomizer in stock and ready to ship. And, if you use the coupon code “Shanty”… the price drops to just $83.25. Pretty much… pre-sale price for …

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