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528 customs driptech

528 Customs Driptech DS Squonker $124.99 | TS $134.99

I know that a lot of you guys have been anxiously waiting for this one, so here ya go.  The 528 Customs Driptech Mechanical Squonker has finally arrived.  Ecig-City just got both versions in stock.  You can pick up the Driptech-DS (dual parallel 18650 batteries) for $124.99…or you could upgrade to the Driptech-TS (triple parallel) for only $10 more.  And since your order will be over $50, you’ll get FREE shipping too.  The DS is currently only available in black, but they do have several different color options for the TS version (see below).  I wouldn’t be surprised if the first batch sells out fast, so grab one while you can.

$124.99 528 Customs Driptech DS

Colorways: Black


$134.99 528 Customs Driptech TS

Colorways: Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Red


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. Jeremy, you might now allow this post out there, but I just wanted to let you know (if you hadn’t heard) that a bunch of folk in the online vape community are pissed with 528. I’m not buying anything from 528 customs after their BS with eightvape and accusing them of selling clones when they knew damn good and well that THEY SOLD THEM to them. Eightvape didn’t buy from a distributor, they bought the 1.5’s straight from 528, then heavily discounted them, and 528 told people they were clones when they didn’t like the discounting. If you want more info email me. Keep doing the Lord’s work man!


    • Thanks, Jack. I’ve just been reading up on that. Wow, how did I miss all that drama??? That’s nuts! I’m immediately reminded of the 3fvape Goon deal I posted a while back. We removed it the next day because 528 claimed they were clones. Later, several people confirmed they were authentic after all. These types of situations aren’t uncommon either (unfortunately). A manufacturer shouldn’t trash a vendor’s integrity just for the sake of maintaining their “high-end” status. In doing so, they end up losing their own integrity. If a pricing agreement wasn’t in play, the vendor can do what they want. Props to Eightvape for the way they handled it. I’m with you—I don’t plan on supporting 528 anymore either. That being said, I don’t have any reservations about posting deals on their products IF it’s coming directly from a vendor that I’m happy to support, such as Eightvape or Ecig-City. I feel like this rant could go on for a while if I don’t stop now! =P Thanks again for keeping me informed!

      • Hey, I got no beef with that man. Like I said man, keep doing the Lord’s work!



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