Abstrakt E-liquid BOGO Sale

Here’s a new vendor I haven’t posted about yet. But, the numbers work so I’m throwing it out there. Abstrakt e-liquid is having a BOGO sale. You can pick up 120mL bottles of juice for $20. Or, you can get a 5 pack bundle (one of each of their flavor profiles) for just $45.00. Actually, you can pick any flavors you want but I would try all 5 just to see what’s up. =)

Abstrakt Flavor Profiles:

  • Loop Hole: Creamy and tangy mango peach rings, coated with just the right amount of sugar. It’s so accurate, you’d think we’ve found a loop hole.
  • Dough boy: A delicately fried doughnut sandwiched around a layer of gooey strawberry jam, with vibrant notes of cream and brown sugar. “Don’t be JELLY”
  • Dime Piece: Tantalizing strips of tangy strawberry and tart kiwi, tossed in a light layer of sugary goodness… a perfect “10.”
  • The Classic: The ultimate in classic fruit combinations – subtle, sweet strawberries and natural, ripe bananas, blended into a light milk and cream base. It’s literally like vaping a smoothie.
  • Main Squeeze: Robust Lemons, ripe strawberries, sweet tangerines, and our signature cream blend, mixed together to bring you an invigorating twist on a summertime original. “Your next summer love.”


  • Jake DeLauro

    Anyone tried this juice? Any good?

    • PMB

      I got a bottle of the kiwi strawberry a few months back and its a good quality liquid. I got 0mg so I cant speak of any nicotine hit or quality.


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