Coil Master DIY Kit Version 2 $40.00


I’m digging the Coil Master DIY Kit v2. It pretty much includes everything you need to build your coils. And, the carrying case allows you to bring it anywhere you need it. The city just placed it in stock for $44.99. But, use the coupon code “coil” at checkout and …

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GoodBuild Tool Kit by VipsterVapes $34.99


I just got word that the GoodBuild Tool Kit had been re-upped! I always love when products I actually use hit my desk. These kits come with free shipping out of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania to be exact. You can pick up a kit with or without an ohm meter. I’ll leave …

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Protective Silicone Sleeve *eVic VTC mini* (10pack) $10.76


Calling all you eVic VTC Mini users out there! If you’re anything like me you like making your mod stand out from the rest of them. Or you’re a bit OCD and like to keep your mod clean and protected. Well this Protective Silicone Sleeve would be perfect for all you …

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Coil Master v3 (In Stock, US Seller) $15.99


RBAsupplies (on eBay) just placed the Coil Master v3 on sale for just $15.99. And, these are actually in stock and ready to ship from a US vendor located in Ohio. What’s so good/different about the new Coil Master v3? Well, first off… it has a bigger handle which makes …

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Coil Master DIY Kit v2 $34.99


Angelcigs just placed the Coil Master DIY Kit v2 on sale (as a pre-sale) for $49.99. Which BTW is the same price you can pick it up at But, use the coupon code “master” at checkout and the price of the Coil Master DIY Kit v2 falls to just …

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UD Double Deck Vape Pockets Bag $19.99


Angelcigs just placed the brand new UD Double Deck Vape Pockets Bag on sale for just $19.99. Not a bad deal considering that the UD Double Deck Bag just might be the ultimate bag to hold all your vape gear safe and securely. It features four sides to hold basically …

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IPV4 Replacement Battery Door $6.06


Here’s a nice deal for all the IPV4/4S owners out there in the VAPE DEALS community. Fasttech just placed two different IPV4 Replacement Battery Doors on sale. Currently, they have the silver and gold colorways available. I’m thinging either would look pretty SEKSI on the black mod. Come to think of …

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Evic VT Styled Drip Tips $5.98


FastTech just placed these Evic VT Styled Drip Tips in stock as a three pack for just $5.98 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Well, Evic VT “styled” isn’t actually accurate. The word “matching” would be more than like it. Seriously though… these three drip tips would match the VT mod …

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