Ignition Style Mod/Atty Base $18.45


FastTech just stocked the Ignition Style Mod/Atty Base for just $18.45 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a bad price at all. I’ve always liked the Ignition ever since I first saw it. Basically… it turns your mechanical mod and 510 atomizer into a side by side firing mod. A …

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Atomizer Holdfast Clamp (Black) $3.89


Things that make you go hmmmmmm! Ok… I’ve doing this a lot lately to point out some ridiculous gear in the vape world. For the most past, my posts are about products I enjoy and would most likely give a stamp of approval on. This Atomizer Holdfast Clamp though falls …

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2 In 1 Drip Tip And Top Cap (5 Pack) $6.69


Heres a nice deal on some 2 in 1 drip tip and top caps for TOBH V2 styled rebuildable atomizers. This is a 5 pack for half the price of 1 from most US vendors. Not bad right? These 2 in 1 drip tip and top caps are constructed of …

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Kayfun Extension Tube 14.99


Ever feel like your Kayfun 3.1 or your Kayfun Lite doesn’t hold enough juice? No? Me neither! LOL… But just in case… Here is a deal on a Kayfun Extension Tube which allows for 10 ml more of your favorite e juice. This kit comes with a extended chimney tube, …

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Aspire BVC Replacement Coil (5 Pack) $9.99


The Aspire BVC Replacement Coil 5 pack is a ongoing deal that I wanted to bring to the light.¬†This seller on ebay is known for carrying the latest and greatest in the vaping world. All the while keeping the price pretty reasonable. This 1 is no exception. The BVC (bottom …

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Kayfun Bell Cap By 1Q Vape $22.50


Here’s a deal for all the Kayfun/Russian owners out there in the GOTSMOK community. VaporDNA has the Kayfun Bell Cap by 1Q Vape in stock and ready to ship. Price is $25. But, you can use the coupon code “DNA10” at checkout to drop the price down to just $22.50. …

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Vulcan Vulcanizer (Heat Fin Adapter) $17.99


If you’ve been around GOTSMOK for any amount of time… chances are you have yourself a nice RDA/RBA collection. And if you do, this deal is for you. VaporDNA just placed the Vulcan HS (aka the Vulcan Vulcanizer) in stock and ready to ship for $17.99 after the “DNA10” coupon …

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Nitecore Car Charger Cable $4.00


This is sure to be popular with how many people out there in the GOTSMOK community that own a Nitecore battery charger. I just got put on a deal that vapeshowroom has the Nitecore Car Charger Cable on the Bay for just $4.00 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Pretty nice …

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Acrylic Display Stand (79 Holes) $47.89


This Acrylic Display Stand just hit the pages of Fasttech and I’ve got to say I’m digging it. You can fit pretty much anything and everything in your vape collection into this thing. Including all your box mods that I know you guys have been picking up recently. Am I …

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Pre-coiled Microcoils (Restock) $4.16


Restock Alert! Also they added some sub ohm coils! So choose from Pre-coiled Microcoils .3 ohms – 3.6 ohm. They have coils for every builder. They just stocked these 50 packs of pre-coiled microcoils in either 1.1 or 1.5 ohm. And from the looks of it… these pre-coiled microcoils look …

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