Atlantis Replacement Upgrade Tank $6.23


Here’s a good deal for all the Atlantis owners out there in the VAPE DEALS community. FastTech just stocked 9 different Atlantis replacement tanks that you can upgrade to. It looks like there are 4 different colorways available: black, blue, gold and stainless steel. And, there are three different patterns …

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Kayfil Tool For Kayfun RDA $2.94


Here’s a pretty cool accessory for the Kayfun Lite Plus users out there in the VAPE DEALS community. FastTech just stocked the Kayfil Tool. What the heck is it? Basically… the Kayfil Tool is a tool that allows you to access your Kayfun Lite deck without having to drain your …

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iStick 20w Silicone Sleeve $6.09


I’m throwing this out there because I know how popular the iStick is. FastTech just stocked some iStick 20w Silicone Sleeves in 6 different colorways for just $6.09 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. The colorways available include: black, blue, purple, rainbow, red & white. But, if you’re willing to pay …

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18650 Battery Holder (Holds 4) $4.95


I just got the heads up that OhmBusters (on eBay) just stocked an 18650 Battery Holder in 4 different colorways: black, clear, glow & orange. And, each costs just $4.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Each 18650 Battery Holder can hold up to 4 batteries (not included). Seriously… $4.95 to …

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E-liquid Display Rack / Stand $17.99


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about this e-liquid display rack / stand. And it still makes for a good deal. But what’s even better is that the price has dropped since then. =) It now costs only $17.99 with FREE PRIME SHIPPING included. This e-liquid display rack …

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Kanger Subtank Colored O Rings $0.95


These sold out with the quickness the last time I told everyone about this deal. Well, the Kanger Subtank Colored O Rings deal has just been restocked. At the time of this posting… they have 4 different colorways in stock and ready to ship: black, blue, purple & white. And …

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Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths $13.86


As far as I’m concerned… there’s only two types of brass/copper mod owners. Those that will do anything for a nice patina. And those that want their mod nice and shiny. Well, here’s a deal for the nice and shiny crowd. =) I use these Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths …

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Eclyp Omni Box MOD Pocket Clip $10.99


Here’s a pretty nice accessory for those that want to clip your mod to something without adding a big/bulky accessory. I was just put on the Eclyp Omni Box MOD Pocket Clip. The Eclyp Omni uses a 510 adapter (included) to snugly hold the flexible Kydex clip. Your atomizer is …

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