Aspire Atlantis RBA Deck / Head / Coil $11.95


Has someone finally made an Aspire Atlantis RBA Deck / Head / Coil (whatever you want to call it) that finally works. It sure looks like it. DIYrevolutionmp (on the bay) has just put up a pre-sale for an Aspire Atlantis RBA section that they say address and corrects all …

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Kanger Subtank Bell Cap $2.04


Here’s a nice deal for those vaping on a Kanger Subtank. FastTech just stocked an acrylic Kanger Subtank Bell Cap for $2.04 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! I’ve held off posting deals on the Kanger Subtank Bell Cap because they were priced at $8-10. And, I had a feeling that …

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Lightningvapes Kanthal Wire


Here’s my friendly month reminder! Over 31,000 units sold! They have to be doing something right! LightningVapes Kanthal Wire has to be my go to spot over on the bay for all my wire needs. I like to throw this out there every now and then because we constantly have …

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Kanger Ni200 OCC Coils (5 Pack) $11.14


I jumped on this deal and I don’t even have a temperature control mod yet. It’s that good. =) FastTech just placed a 5 pack of Kanger Ni200 OCC Coils in stock and ready to ship for just $11.14 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. If you buy the same Kanger …

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Aspire Atlantis 5mL Tank Combo $25.00


Here’s a nice deal for those looking to pick up a great sub-ohm tank. Ecig-city has an Aspire Atlantis 5mL Tank Combo on sale for just $25.00. No coupon code is needed. Just follow the link below to take you to the sale page. The combo includes an Atlantis Sub-ohm …

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Joyetech eGo One Coils (1.0 & 0.5) $10.85


FastTech has a nice deal on AUTHENTIC Joyetech eGo One Coils. They have 5 packs of 1.0 ohm & 0.5 ohm replacement coils for just $10.85 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. These have a retail price of around $17.50. And they typically sell for around $14 + shipping charges at …

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IPV Mini 2 Vinyl Skin / Wrap $0.99


Here’s a good deal for those who jumped on the IPV Mini 2 deal I posted a while ago. They just placed 5 different IPV Mini 2 Vinyl Skins / Wraps in stock and ready to ship for just $0.99. I’m pretty sure that this is lower than their actual …

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rDNA Silicon Case / Sleeve $3.35


Here’s a deal for all the people out there in the VAPE DEALS community looking to pick up a rDNA Silicon Case / Sleeve. FastTech just placed 4 different colorways (black, yellow, green & blue) of the rDNA Silicon Case in stock for just $3.35 each with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. …

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