Ceramic Tipped Tweezers (Round or Pointed) $6.33-$6.49


Thanks to Marc for the heads up on this deal. Fasttech just put up on their virtual pages these new Ceramic Tipped Tweezers. You can choose from round or pointed tipped. Pointed tipped gets my vote but to each their own. One thing that is pretty cool is that you can also choose …

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DNA 40 Style Chip (Shenzhen) $30.55


Calling all you DIYers in the GOTSMOK community. Here is a pretty good deal on a DNA 40 Style Chip. I’ve been in contact with the vendor, and they confirmed to me that this is manufactured by Shenzhen Ming Ming technology co., LTD. DNA 40 Style Chip stats: wattage adjustable …

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Kanger Sale (Authentic and Styled)


Theres a pretty nice Kanger Sale going on over at Choose on a bunch of Kanger items, both authentic and styled. We’re talking authentic Subtank nano’s for $21.42, authentic Subtank Mini’s for $27.38 and Subtank Styled clearomizers for $16.59. Also check out their Subtank replacement coil heads for only …

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30mL Unicorn E-liquid Bottle (5 Pack) $2.83


Finally a proper 30mL Unicorn E-liquid Bottle has been stocked over at FastTech in a 5 pack for just $2.83. Considering that these have been going for anywhere from $2-$3 each at my local vape shops… a 5 pack for $2.83 shipped is a pretty nice deal. Not much more …

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Mutation X Drip Tip Adapter $1.15


These POM Mutation X Drip Tip Adapters just hit the virtual shelves at FastTech. And, it’s hard to argue with the price. Just $1.15 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! These Mutation X Drip Tip Adapters allow you to use any 510 drip tip with your Mutation X v1,v2,v3 or v4 …

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Kuro Koiler Style Tool (6 Sizes) $8.75


I literally just got my Kuro Koiler Set in yesterday and FastTech drops an even better Kuro Koiler Style Tool. The old version included the 2.0mm, 2.5mm & 3.0mm tools. This new version not only includes those sizes… it also has the 1.0mm, 1.5mm & 3mm sizes as well. And …

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Kayfun v4 Sub-ohm Kit $9.99


OhmBusters just placed a clone of the Tobeco Kayfun v4 Sub-ohm Kit in stock and ready to ship for $9.99 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. This Kayfun v4 Sub-ohm Kit contains a replacement center post & a PEEK positive block insulator. The key is that the center post has a …

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Atlantis 5mL & 7mL Tanks $8.99 & $13.49


Act fast with this one. The first time I posted the Atlantis 7mL replacement tank… it sold out within a few hours. Well… it looks like DNA just restocked them. So get them while you can. Want a bigger tank but not 7mL big? They also just placed the Atlantis …

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