Glass Drip Tips (3 Different Styles) $3.97


FastTech put up 3 different glass drip tips yesterday for just $3.97 each with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. And, I gotta say… they look pretty nice. But, then again… I’m a drip tip junkie so what do I know? =) Seriously though, I have seen glass drip tips like these …

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Limited Edition Drip Tip Clone $2.06


I mean… I like high end gear as much as the next guy. But a limited edition drip tip that costs 35 euros… that’s just crazy. That’s almost $50! Well, i guess FastTech thought that a $50 limited edition drip tip was pretty crazy as well. So, they released the …

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Kayfun Quartz Tank Conversion Kit (Standard/Nano) $24.95


This is pretty cool. Two different eBay sellers have the Kayfun Quartz Tank Conversion Kits on sale. One is selling the standard version for $24.95 with FREE SHIPPING included. The other is for a PRE-ORDER for the NANO version for the same price. And, from the looks of it… it’s …

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Ceramic Tipped Tweezers (USA Vendor) $13.45


The only other vendor I have seen selling these ceramic tipped tweezers is FastTech. Well, now you can pick them up from a USA vendor! VaporKings just placed them in stock and they are ready to ship. Plus, you can use the coupon code “VKBC” to drop the price to …

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Kayfun PMMA Nano Set $5.17


I know that there are more than a few people in the GOTSMOK community that have been waiting for this. FastTech just stocked the 6 piece Kayfun PMMA Nano Set. Basically, this Kayfun PMMA Nano Set includes everything you need to convert your Kayfun 3.1 or Kayfun Lite into not …

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Two Tone 510 Drip Tip $1.84


It’s not very often I put up a deal for a $1.84 drip tip. But, I gotta say, this two tone 510 drip tip is pretty nice at any price. Two tone… check. Double o-rings… check. Shorty style… check. All of these features make this two tone 510 drip tip …

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Kayfun Lite Russian 91 Custom Top Cap $31.49


This is pretty cool. VaporDNA just stocked some custom top caps for the Kayfun Lite Russian 91. And, I gotta say… the “ridged brushed” version is pretty SEKSI! It kinda reminds me of the Omega RDA atomizer. Except… instead of an dripper… it’s a Kayfun Lite Russian 91! And, that’s …

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Russian 91 Replacement Parts $5.00


Here’s a first for me. It looks like VaporDNA has just stocked Russian 91 replacement parts. And, from the looks of it, each Russian 91 replacement part costs just $5.00. And, you can use the coupon code to save 10% off. Hey, if you somehow lost or broke a part …

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