Kayfun Nano Clear Tube $12.00


Here is another new product from our friends over at Ultramist. Introducing the Kayfun Nano Clear Tube. The Kayfun Nano Clear Tube will fit the Kayfun 3.1, Kayfun Lite & the Kayfun Lite Plus. That being said… check this out. Not only does it provide a clear window to see …

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Chi You Flat Top Cap (Brass Or Steel) $3.93-4.35


It doesn’t surprise me anymore what Fasttech is able to get in stock. This time around… the Chi You flat top cap in brass or stainless steel. And, in true Fasttech style… it’s priced to sell. This is an awesome accessory for those of us that purchased the Chi You …

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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Wick (UPDATED) $3.00


This stainless steel wire rope wick deal has just been updated. It now includes FREE pre-cut service. And… you can now purchase 5 feet for just $10! That means 5 feet for just $5 after using the coupon code “MERRY5″! Here’s a decent deal on some stainless steel wire rope …

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Aqua Hybrid Atomizer Clear Tube $12.00


With the recent popularity of the Aqua Hybrid Atomizer by Footoon. And, clear caps/tubes for rdas/rbas. It was only a matter of time that the Aqua Hybrid Atomizer clear tube hit the streets. And of course… GOTSMOK BRINGS IT TO YOU FIRST! Click on the link below to be one …

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E-liquid Table Display Rack $22.99


Get a jump on your new years resolution to keep organized, quit smoking or just to have a pimp e-liquid table display rack. =) I was just sent this in an e-mail and I gotta admit… it would organize my juice collection and keep everything close at hand. How an …

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Fusion Drip Tip + FREE Bottle Of Juice $5.00!


Here is an awesome deal on one of my favorite drip tips. From now thru 12-25-13… use the coupon code “MERRY5” at checkout and get the Fusion drip tip for only $5.00! That’s 50% off of it’s regular price. And… then throw in DNA’s on going promotion of a free …

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Kayfun Clear Tank, Top Cap & Chamber $5.12


Here is a pretty awesome deal on the Kayfun clear tank, top cap & chamber. The cost is just $5.12 with free worldwide shipping included. And… best part is that it looks like it’s compatible with the Fasttech Kayfun v3.1, the Russian & the authentic Kayfun v3.1. Needless to say… …

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IGO-W Clear Cap (Frosted) $20.69


Here’s the cheapest price that I’ve seen the IGO-W clear cap going for. Just use the coupon code “DNA10” at checkout and the price drops down to just $20.69. And, as always… every order also includes a FREE BOTTLE OF MP E-LIQUID. So $20.69 for the IGO-W clear cap and …

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