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Ade E-juice (Blue, Red or Purple) $8.97

Vaporbeast has Ade E-juice in stock and on sale in three different flavor profiles: blue, purple & red. They are priced at $9.97. But, use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” and the price per bottle drops to $8.97.

Ade E-juice Flavor Profiles:

  • Blue : The ultimate fruit based blend equipped a refreshing finish. Sweet and tart at the same time, this is a great choice if you’re a fan of fruits.
  • Purple : Perfectly captures the sweet and refreshing taste of juicy California grapes, talk about full on flavor!
  • Red : A punchy tropical fruit blend that will revitalize your taste buds! You’ve never really had a fruit punch flavor till you’ve tasted Red!

Use Coupon Code: YEAHBABY



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