Adjustable Storage Box For MODs & Gear! $2.99

This looks like an awesome adjustable storage box for MODs or other vape gear. Just use the coupon code “MLCKE15UNL1” and the price drops down to $2.99! Now, if you can add something else to push your total over $3… you can get free shipping as well. Come on… $3 for a vape storage box? I’m in for a few myself. Seriously, I couldn’t resist at this price. It’s looks like I can store 4 MODs off to the left and 4 RBAs (or other things) off to the right. Or maybe 1 MOD, 1-2 RBAs and all your re-building supplies. Could be the perfect vacation adjustable storage box. =)

Use Coupon Code: MLCKE15UNL1



  1. Nancy Barnhart

    I’d like to know it’s dimensions outside length, width, height… as well as inside, like how long are the individual compartments and their widths – and/or – how large (l & w) is the open side (no divisions). Thanks for sharing this neat little item and at a great price!

  2. You need to spend $10 to get free shipping otherwise it’s 7 bucks for ground shipping.

  3. The cheapest item I can find is 1.99 where did you find a .30 item??

  4. So sad that I missed the deal. Too bad there’s no way to renew the coupon is there?


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