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  2. Shows on every page on VAPE.DEALS *exceptions apply.
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Our most current statistics (November 1 2016 through January 30 2017) indicate the following:

  • Pageviews | 1,099,830
  • Visits | 440,938
  • Unique IP’s | 161,668
  • Average Visit Duration | 2:49
  • US Readership | 83.33%


  • Artwork | All finished banner artwork to be supplied prior to the first day of the booked month.
  • Payment | Payments are processed through PayPal.
  • Refunds or Cancellations | Refunds are not available except for the following:
  1. Should VAPE.DEALS go offline for more than 48-hours at a time you have the right to cancel your agreement and request a prorated refund for all remaining time.
  2. Should any company cease operation during the length of the contract VAPE.DEALS cannot refund any monies paid, however, the company is immediately released from its contract and no other monies will be owed.

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Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement



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