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Air Factory E-liquid Sale $11.99

Here’s a great deal for fans of Air Factory e-liquid. has a 100mL bottle on sale for just $11.99! That’s a nice discount off the $27.99 MSRP. I don’t know how long they will keep them on sale. So, don’t wait too long to stock up on your all day vape. #justsaying

Air Factory Flavor Profiles:

  • Blue Razz | Takes extremely rare razzberries of the highly secretive razzberry bush and squeezes the juice to make this wildly delicious flavor! This bottle is bursting with sweet and sour, ready to keep your vape palette wholly entertained
  • Mystery | Makes you the detective you always wanted to be with this concoction of fruits and berries. Which fruits are crammed into this bottle? Only you can solve the mystery of this fun and secretive e-juice!
  • Strawberry Kiwi | Brings one of the best fruit combos straight to your tank with this expert blend of strawberries and kiwis. Enjoy a generous bottle of tart sweetness and enjoy this refreshing blend of candy fruity clouds.
  • Wild Apple | Proves that you can take the apple out of the wild, but you can’t keep the wild out of the apple. Enjoy this bottle of tart tanginess that will have your wild side constantly coming back for more! Satisfy your craving for sweet and sour at the same time with this candy e-juice.
  • Jaw Dropper | Introduces a watermelon jawbreaker that keeps your vape taste buds happy and your jaw relaxed. The bottle will ensure that your watermelon candy cravings are always satisfied with these wonderful candy clouds. Vape happy with this fruity candy e-juice!
  • Kookie Krunch | Brings a warm and gooey cookie straight from the oven, sans the sticky and crumbly mess! Enjoy a bottle of this sinfully sweet dessert treat and take the time to enjoy the clouds. Because not every cookie should crumble the same way!
  • Lemon Glaze | Delivers a citrus drizzle of lemony goodness on top of warm fluffy pound cake. This bottle is overflowing with a tart and tangy sweetness, just waiting to add a little zest to your clouds and a spring to your step! Take your clouds to the next level with this delightfully lemon dessert e-liquid!


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement



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