Anyvape Davide Mini Glassomizer $11.69

With the recent releases of the Protank, Protank 2, Puritank and the Davide… where’s the eGo love? Right here. With the newly released Anyvape Davide MINI glassomizer. Anyvape basically took all the features found in there newly released Davide glassomizer and shrunk it down. Primarily to fit perfectly on top of an eGo battery. Were still talking about the same tube locking system with BCC technology. The same Pyrex glass. Even the same atomizer head as the full size Davide. Just a mini version. The Anyvape Davide Mini Glassomizer… eGo users of the world stand up! =)

Use Coupon Code: cmonaussie



  1. elizabeth henderson

    i went to purchase this and the regular price is 14.99 w the cupon code given, it presents you only a 1.50 discount, leaving the total to be 13.49, not the 11.69 price stated above.

    • It was on sale at the time the deal was posted. And the coupon code dropped the price even lower. I guess the sale price is no longer valid. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. elizabeth henderson

    where can i buy the replacement coil heads from? all i see is the product but not an option to buy the replacement heads. what do u suggest, im looking for a glass tank.. should i go w the pro 2, or puri? please help

  3. elizabeth henderson

    so i went w the protank 2, will the 2.2 ohm coils fit my protank 1 is the question? thanks for the advice!


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