aromamizer supreme postless deck

Aromamizer Supreme Postless Deck $8.98

The Aromamizer Supreme Postless Deck is now available over at Fasttech.  They’re selling it for $8.98 with worldwide FREE shipping.  It looks really nice too.  When compared to the standard deck, this one seems capable of accommodating much bigger coils, which is probably why the juice holes have been enlarged as well.  If you’ve grown tired of building on the same old velocity deck, this one is probably worth picking up.

Fasttech also has a few other Aromamizer Supreme accessories available, including the 4mL conversion kit and authentic replacement glass.  I’ll leave those links below in case you’re interested.

$8.98 Aromamizer Supreme Postless Deck


$4.80 Aromamizer Supreme Conversion Kit


$5.54 Authentic 4mL Replacement Glass (5-pack)


$5.64 Authentic 7mL Replacement Glass (5-pack)



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