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Astro MOD By Kato Clone $24.00

The #clonewars is on again after last’s weeks brief interruption. Up next to bat… the Astro MOD by Kato. It features a stainless steel and brass telescopic body, laser etched pattern & telescopic 510 center pin (brass). And if it’s anything like the last 2 “laser etched” clone (the Chi You & Nemesis) you can expect high quality at a fraction of the original price. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed. Because, FT has been on a roll lately with there 1 to 1 clones. What do you guys think… is this Astro MOD by Kato clone a cop or not?


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. I love how you update this so often! This clone looks so nice! I hope you get money from doing this because you help out a lot of people

  2. I picked one up this morning as soon as i saw it. I’m a little concerned about the top cap not being engraved like the original Astro. Although I can’t really tell if it is or isn’t with the pictures provided. Do you know if it’s engraved or painted?

  3. If you blow the picture of the head up it really doesn’t look like it’s etched, it looks like printing.

  4. I would pick one up but the wait is so harsh haha maybe once Hong Kong stops being so strict on the shipping procedures. I still have a Private v2 clone I’m waiting on. Hopefully when I decide to get this, the price won’t be marked up like the chi you and others. And again, you’re doing a great job!

  5. I like (:

  6. Looking at the top cap blown up I think it is engraved. On the original the engraving is not just for aesthetics. It functions for airflow. Pretty cool.

  7. just picked up the private v2 and have to say its my favorite amongst the brass sentinel/m16 chi you (original). It’s definitely worth the wait. Would consider this one as well if i could get a better pic of the top cap as being engraved as well.

    One thing I do want to bring up with the chi you clone, I know you guys have the laser etched while I got the first orignal $32 batch, sometimes when I vape, the body of the mod, as well as on the firing button gets so hot it burns for a second. Anyone else experiencing this? Any feedback is much appreciated. I’m considering chucking it in the trash because it doesn’t feel safe anymore.

  8. You lucky mother effer haha I’m still waiting for mine to be “accepted” in Hong Kong



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