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Atmomixani Nemesis Clone (Laser Etched) $29.08

Last week… the Chi You By Mojo clone took the vape world by storm. And, if you follow me on Instagram… you know that I picked one up. I gotta say… logo or not… this is one of the best mechanical MODs I have used. Well, how can you top that release? How about an Atmomixani Nemesis clone! They just went live today and I’m pretty sure this release will be as hyped as the Chi release. Maybe even MOAR. Check out the pictures and tell me if you think this will be as high quality as the Chi clone. I already placed my order BTW and I suggest you do the same. They already raised the price once on this MOD. After this Atmomixani Nemesis clone release… what’s next?


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. I must have checked FT’s new arrivals before this one showed up this morning. By the time I got to work and saw it posted, it already jumped in price. Did not hesitate at all. $2 more than the Chi You clone, with silver plated pins?!? I honestly thought it would be sold out already. They say mine will ship on the 10th, now, they’re 10 business days out.

    • We will see how fast the sell out. I’m jumped in on one too. Really curious to see the quality of these after receiving the Chi from last week.

  2. Just ordered mine, Scheduled Ship Date: 9/20/2013. I guess I’ll have to wait. I just hope it’s the same quality as the Chi You clone. This thing hits like a train!

    • When you guys speak so highly about the fast tech chi clones, are you talking about the original or laser etched ones? I’m not very impressed by the original ones, it doesn’t hit hard compared to the all brass m16 or chentinel clones. Unless you’re speaking of the brass chi you’s?

  3. Just saw them post it up on their instagram. Apparently has them now in the states. More money than FT but at least you’ll get em in a couple days.

    • Double the price though… price you pay for getting it quicker i suppose.

      • True True. I contacted VR to confirm that they are selling Hcigar clones after seeing the photo of the Nem Clone in the Hcigar box on their site. They confirmed that they are indeed Hcigar manufactured clones and will come in an Hcigar box if they are Hcigar clones. I believe the fast tech clones are fast tech brand and not hcigar.

      • What makes you think that?

  4. Anyone know if this is the Hcigar clone?



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