Conspiracy RDA by 3cvape x Squirmingcoils $44.99

conspiracy rda

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Conspiracy RDA for a little while now, so even I couldn’t pass this one up.  VaporDNA has the stainless steel version in stock, priced at $49.99.  But, you can use coupon code “deals10” to drop the total down to just $44.99.  …

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Vandy Vape Triple 28 28mm RTA (Free Shipping) $27.69

vandy vape triple 28

The new Vandy Vape Triple 28 RTA has been getting a lot of buzz lately, so I decided to take some time and find the best deals available.  3fvape already has it in stock and ready to ship.  The stainless steel version is listed at $40.99, but the price drops …

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Arymi Gille RDTA (Rewickable) $8.00

arymi gille rdta

I’m a few days behind on this one, but there’s still time to take advantage of the newest Deal of the Week over at MFS.  They’ve dropped the price of the Arymi Gille RDTA down to only $8!  Obviously, this isn’t a classic RDTA design…it might be more appropriate to …

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Kaees Solomon GTA (US Vendor) $13.95

kaees solomon gta

Vaporider has a great deal going on the Kaees Solomon GTA right now.  It was already very affordable at the regular price of $18.95.  But, for a limited time, you can use coupon code “Solomon” to get a $5 discount!  That works out to just $13.95 for the stainless steel …

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Sense Herakles RTA & Tank Sale (5 Versions) $13.49

sense herakles rta

Here’s a handful of Herakles deals from our friends over at VaporDNA.  They have 3 different versions of the Sense Herakles RTA and 2 versions of the Herakles Pro Sub-ohm Tank on clearance right now.  Check out the full list of options below.  Most of them are priced at $14.99, …

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Sense Blazer Nano $10.79 | Sense Blazer 200 $15.29

sense blazer nano

VaporDNA has a pair of Sense tank deals up for grabs right now.  Both the Sense Blazer Nano and the Blazer 200 recently got moved to their Clearance Hardwares section.  You could bring home the Nano for only $10.79 or the Blazer 200 for $15.29.  Just be sure to use …

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Yosta IGVI RDTA 25 (3 Colorways) $14.99

yosta igvi rdta 25

I haven’t heard too much about this one…but it looks promising and the price is right, so I just figured I’d share it with you guys.  3fvape is selling the Yosta IGVI RDTA 25 for only $14.99 right now.  It’s listed at $18.99, but you’ll get an automatic $4 discount when …

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Recoil Rebel RDA (Restocked!) $44.99

recoil rebel

This one sold out pretty fast the first time around, so I thought it was only fair to send out a quick update.  All 3 colorways of the Recoil Rebel RDA (stainless steel, black, and gold) are now back in stock over at Breazy.  If you act fast, you could …

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