Notorious Style 26650 Mod $28.42


It’s the NO TO RI O US you just lay down slow… sorry… I just had to. Look what we have here. FastTech just stocked a Notorious Style 26650 Mod with RDA atomizer. And boy does it look pretty damn good. The mod is made of brass with a “hammer ...

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Kebo Russian 91 RBA Atomizer $60.00


VaporKings has a pretty nice deal on an authentic Kebo Russian 91 RBA Atomizer. They currently have the matte silver version on sale for just $60. And, they also have the polished version available for $64.00. Not a bad price at all considering that these are actual authentic Kebo Russian ...

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Mutation X RDA (Black, Copper Or SS) $21.95


The Kings has a nice deal going on the Mutation X RDA Atomizer. First off (at the time of this posting) they have all three colorways in stock and ready to ship: black, copper & stainless steel. Second off… they dropped their price to just $21.95. That’s about $11 (or ...

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Project Sub-ohm Doge (Black) $29.99


Heads up. The Project Sub-ohm Doge Atomizer in the BLACKOUT colorway is scheduled to release tonight at midnight over at DNA. With how popular the Doge atomizer is… and how popular the Project Sub-ohm collabs are… I’m pretty sure that the Black Project Sub-ohm Doge will be an instant sellout. ...

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Vertex v2 Style RDA $10.67


Here’s another nice RDA brought to you by Angelcigs. They just stocked a Vertex v2 Styled RDA Atomizer for $10.67. And, this one also ships out of their USA warehouse. This Vertex v2 Styled RDA features a three post deck, deep juice well & reduced chamber. From the pics, it ...

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Sovereign Style RDA (Black Or Copper) $11.08


Angelcigs just stocked a Sovereign Style RDA Atomizer in two colorways: black and copper. Each costs $11.08. And, they both ship out of their USA warehouse. It features adjustable airflow control, a 2.5mm deep drip well & milled negative posts with 2mm wire holes. And, they even throw in the ...

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iSmoka Eleaf GS Air Atomizer $14.95


With how popular the iStick has become… the new iSmoka Eleaf GS Air Atomizer is certain to be an instant hit. And, Iconvape just placed a pre-sale up on the Bay for $14.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. First off… it was designed by iSmoka Eleaf (the same people who ...

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Authentic Mutation X V2 $22.95


Heres one for all you on team #NotAClone. A great deal on the Authentic Mutation X V2 popped up over on the bay. This vendor recently dropped the price on this item by $7.04 and now offers free shipping as well. No coupon code necessary. This RDA is extremely easy ...

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Nomad Style Dripper Rebuildable Atomizer $14.99


Here is a pretty nice deal on a Nomad Style Dripper from a US Vendor. This is definitely not for you cloudchasers out there, but you flavor junkies should get a kick out of this. It features an adjustable airflow hole on the lower part of the atty which delivers ...

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Kennedy RDA Atomizer $94.99


Finally, a bottom airflow RDA atomizer which I don’t think will flood easily. VaporDNA just stocked the Kennedy RDA Atomizer by¬†Kennedy Enterprises. And, it looks pretty damn good to me. First off… it has a new bottom airflow control system. But not only that. They also threw in a super ...

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