Griffin 25mm RTA by Geek Vape (US Seller) $24.70

griffin 25mm

At just $24.70, you could potentially pick up a Griffin 25mm RTA for even cheaper than the original.  These are now in stock over at Ecig for $26, but you can use coupon code “vapedeals” to save an additional 5%.  Only the stainless steel version is currently available.  If you …

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Limitless RDTA by iJoy (US Seller) $22.91


Avocado killer???  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  The Limitless RDTA hasn’t been available for very long, but so far, the reviews have been very good.  At a low price like this, and from one of my favorite vendors, even I couldn’t pass up on this deal!  …

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Infinite CLT V4 RDA $26.99


Attention all cloud chasers… Check out this deal from VaporDNA!! They have the Infinite CLT V4 RDA for $26.99. Make sure you use the coupon code “deals10” to drop it from a retail price of $29.99. It has two replaceable posts, depending on preference or need, that can be replaced …

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Tsunami RDA by Geek Vape $18.04

tsunami rda

The highly anticipated Tsunami RDA by Geek Vape is now up for grabs at a very low price.  Ecig has the stainless steel version selling for $18.99…and if you’ve never used coupon code “vapedeals” previously, then that’s gonna drop your total down to $18.04.  But either way, this is a fantastic …

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24mm Moonshot by Suprimo $33.00

24mm moonshot

Here’s a deal that’s a little bit better than the deal I posted a few days ago on the 24mm Moonshot by Suprimo. Ecig-city has the stainless steel version in stock and ready to ship for $33.00. Not a bad deal at all if your in the market for a …

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Herakles RTA2 by Sense $26.99

herakles rta2

If you want to check out the newly redesigned Sense Herakles RTA2, head over to VaporDNA.  They have both the black and stainless steel colorways in stock for just $26.99 (use coupon code “deals10” at checkout).  At first glance, it probably doesn’t look much different than the original, but there …

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Sigelei Moonshot 24mm RTA $35.99

24mm moonshot

The Sigelei Moonshot 24mm RTA is now available over at VaporDNA.  And that’s saying a lot too, because hardly anyone else has these in stock yet.  They’re priced at $39.99, but you can use coupon code “deals10” to get one for only $35.99.  The Sigelei Moonshot 24mm is really just a …

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Horizon Vertex Plus RTA (Pre-sale) $22.89

horizon vertex

Don’t quote me on this, but the Horizon Vertex Plus may very well have the biggest airflow of any RTA yet.  Just check out the pictures of the deck, this thing is absolutely nuts!  For pretty much every single tank on the market, there always seems to be that one …

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Nautilus X Tank by Aspire (Pre-sale) $22.99

nautilus x tank

The Nautilus has returned!  Figures.  A few days ago Kanger surprised us all with the new Protank 4, so maybe I should’ve seen this one coming.  The Nautilus X Tank is now on pre-sale over at Efun.  It’s priced at $24.99, but you can use coupon code “Aspire” to drop …

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Moradin RTA by iCloudCig (5mL) $19.95

moradin rta

The Moradin RTA is a really innovative tank, I’m surprised this one isn’t getting more attention.  It’s the first RTA to feature a full ceramic chamber, which is said to produce a better/cleaner flavor.  I thought that sounded pretty stupid at first, but now I think it might actually make …

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