Indulgence Mutation X $19.95


First off… shout out to Alexander for the heads up on this deal. It looks like DragonFly has the Indulgence Mutation X RDA atomizer in stock and ready to ship at a great price. Just $19.95! A pretty good deal considering that it’s an authentic atomizer. The Indulgence Mutation X …

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Little Boy Styled RDA $10.19


RDA atomizers have been getting cheaper while their quality have been ramping up. Take the brand new Little Boy Styled RDA that just hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech today. The Little Boy Styled RDA features a triple post deck, air flow control, a deep juice well, a POM …

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Lancia Style RDA Atomizer $31.95


First off, thanks goes out to olchap69 for the heads up on this deal. It looks like the Lancia Style RDA has hit in stock status over on the Bay. Iconvape has them in stock and ready to ship for just $31.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Now if you’re looking …

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Taifun GT Style RBA $19.65


Its definitely been a while since the Taifun GT Style RBA has been posted on the pages of That deck may be a little dated compared to other Kayfun style RBA’s that are hitting the shelves now a days. But, for under 20 bucks though… I figured I would …

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Hobo v2 Styled RDA Atomizer $31.50


Here’s an awesome deal on the Hobo v2 Styled RDA Atomizer. EZvaper just put up a presale for just $35. The presale include the Hobo v2 Styled RDA, 1 brass AFC ring, 1 copper AFC ring, 1 white delrin AFC ring & 1 black delrin AFC ring! But that’s not …

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Mutation X V2 Style RBA $42.00


This just hit my desk… Thanks to TJ for bringing it to my attention. There is a PRE-ORDER going on for the Mutation X V2 Style RBA. As far as I knew Indulgence didn’t make a V2 so I don’t know if you can classify this as part of #CloneWars. …

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Orchid v4 Styled RBA $9.90


First off… shout out to Ian for the heads up on this deal. With that said, here’s an even more awesomer deal on an Orchid v4 Styled RBA Atomizer. =) Focal just got these in stock and ready to ship from their USA warehouse. And get this… the dropped the …

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Doge Styled RDA Atomizer $14.12


I’ve resisted posting about the Doge Styled RDA Atomizers just because the authentic/limited edition versions are just so damn affordable already. But… something new hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech that can’t be ignored. Not only do they have the stainless steel version. The brass and copper Doge Styled …

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