Trident RDA Clone (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) $5.86


It seems like a new version of the Grand Vapor Trident RDA clone has hit the web. Keep in mind… it doesn’t look like a 1:1 replica like the previous versions we have already posted about. That being said… there is a $10 price difference so let’s see whats up. …

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Fogger RBA (Taifun GT Clone) $30.00


A week ago, when we posted about the Taifun GT clone on FT… we got a lot of feedback saying hell yeah but not at that price. Then a few days later VaporTek dropped the Fogger RBA price down to $35 and sold out even before we could post the deal. …

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iSmoka Magoo Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) Tank $44.95


The first time we posted the PRE-SALE of the iSmoka Magoo… they were hot. And with good reason. Every review that I’ve seen on this RBA has been nothing but positive. Well here’s a deal with them in stock and ready to ship! The iSmoka Magoo is a RBA in …

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