Awesometown E-liquid Sale (75% Off)

The team over at TheSauceLA has just hit us up with three GREAT e-juice deals worth checking out. First off… you can save 75% off ALL Awesometown flavors when you use the coupon code “VapeNow” at checkout. Second off… you can save 84% off Mango Tropical Blast and Passion Fruit Cooler. That makes 120mL bottles of these flavors for just $4.99! And finally… you can save 60% off The Sauce, R66 & Pier lines when you use the coupon code “HouseBrands” at checkout. All I can say is stock up while you still can. =)

75% Off ALL Awesometown Flavors

Use Coupon Code: VapeNow


84% Off Mango Tropical Blast & Passion fruit Cooler

120mL Bottle for $4.99



60% Off The Sauce, R66 & Pier Lines

Use Coupon Code: HouseBrands


  • Joel Gomez

    What coupon code do I use for the 4.99 bottles?

    • sorry… coupon code is “PassionFruitMango”

  • Robert Knoblauch

    My room mate grabbed some liquid from this sale and we are both enjoying it. The Vanilla Custard and New York Cheesecake are pretty sweet, but delicious!

    • yup… i’ve tried a few of their juices (from various lines) and like them alot. =)


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