Sony VTC5 30A 2600mAh 18650 (3 Pack) $29.99


I just posted a Sony VTC5 pre-sale deal earlier today. And here we are with an even better deal. It looks like VaporDNA has just got the Sony VTC5 in stock and ready to ship. Cost is $29.99 for 3 batteries. And, if you get your order over $40… you …

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Sony US18650VTC5 2 Pack (PRE-SALE) $19.99 FREE SHIPPING


Thanks goes out to Michell for the heads up on this high drain Li-On battery deal. It looks like the brand new Sony US18650VTC5 has finally made it’s way onto the bay. The Content Girl has just put up a PRE-SALE auction for 2 Sony US18650VTC5 batteries with FREE PRIORITY …

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LG ICR18650HE2 35A 2500mAh Battery (2 Pack) $21.99


Man o man, I gotta say it’s a good time to be a vaper. It seems like there are quality mechanical MODs being released every day. The Sigelei 20W APV (advanced personal vaporizer) was just stocked for under $100 shipped. And, here we are with better batteries being released almost every …

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Purple Efest IMR 18350 & 18500 Batteries $6.99-7.49


It looks like the Purple Efest line has just been expanded. And, if these new batteries are as popular as the 18650 version… you can be sure that these will sell out with the quickness too. First up… we got an 18350 700mAh IMR battery with a 10.5A limit. And, …

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Efest Purple 18650 35A 2500mAh RESTOCK! $9.99


HEADS UP! The Efest purple 18650 has just been restocked. For those of us that don’t know… the Efest purple IMR is one of the hottest batteries in the market right now. And for good reason. 35 amp limit. & 2500 mAh capacity… what’s not to like? And, because there …

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Samsung INR18650 20R (2 pack) $9.98


First off, shoutout to Juice for putting me on to these batteries. With that said, everyone else needs to check out this 2 pack of the Samsung INR18650 20R batteries. Then read the reviews. Everyone seems to be loving these batteries. And, at just $9.98 for a 2 pack (after …

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Efest 35A IMR Battery PLUS Free Juice $10.79


Look who just re-stocked on the purple Efest 35A IMR 2500mAh battery. Seriously, these batteries are in demand. So, if you wanna pick up one (or a few)… get your orders in ASAP. Be sure to use the coupon code “DNA10” to get the $10.79 price. Also, check out the …

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Efest 35 Amp 18650 IMR (RESTOCK) $9.99


The hottest deal on the hottest battery out right now just got re-stocked! Of course were talking about the Efest 35 Amp 18650 IMR over at 101. Every time that I post this deal up, it sells out within hours. And, I’m pretty sure this will sell out with the …

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