MNKE 26650 Battery (2 Pack) $22.99


Today is a pretty good day if your in the market for 26650 batteries. VaporDNA just got a 2 pack of MNKE 26650 batteries in stock for just $22.99! Plus, with all DNA orders… you get a FREE bottle of e-juice. Just check out the homepage for details. But, if …

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Sony VTC5 18650 Batteries (3 Pack) $29.99


For everyone out there in the GOTSMOK community still looking to cop the Sony VTC5… here you go. VaporDNA just got them back in stock. And, they still priced them at $29.99 for a 3 pack of batteries. That’s just $9.99 each battery. Which is a pretty good deal considering …

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MNKE 26650 3500mAh Battery $10.99


With the new 26650 MOD craze going on right now… finding solid 26650 batteries in stock (and at a good price) is kinda becoming difficult. And, it’s only gonna get worse with more 26650 MODs dropping almost every single week. Well, 101vape has your back. They just placed the MNKE …

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Efest 30a 2100mAh 18650 Battery $7.49


Once again, VaporBank is hooking up the GOTSMOK community. I just got the heads up that you can get 35% off the Efest 30a 2100mAh 18650 battery if you use the coupon code “30amplove”. That brings the price down to just $7.49! Definitely a pretty nice price for this battery. …

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Efest IMR 18350 Battery (2 Pack) $8.99


Calling all you stealth mod lovers out there! Own a Provari mini or a Vamo? Or, do you just need some extra Efest IMR 18350 batteries. Here is a decent battery deal for you. VaporAlley has both the flat top and button topped versions for you to choose from. Also, they clearly state …

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Sony US26650VT 50A 2600mAh 26650 Battery $6.99


Here’s a pretty nice deal if your in the market for a 26650 battery. A top rated eBay seller just placed the sony us26650vt in stock for $6.99! Were talking authentic Sony batteries with a maximum discharge current of 50A & capacity of 2600mAh! There are two things to take note …

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LG 18650HE2 35A 2500mAh Battery (2 Pack) $13.96


FastTech just put up a solid deal on the LG 18650HE2 battery. Or, in this case I should say batteries since it’s a 2 pack. Price is just $13.96 +$.60 shipping (at least for me) when you use the coupon code “BLF” at checkout. Pretty solid deal considering that the …

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Purple Efest RESTOCK (18650, 18500, 18350) $6.99-8.99


I just got an e-mail from Kevin giving the GOTSMOK community the heads up that the purple efest batteries have been restocked over at 101! Among those batteries restocked are the 18650 30A, the 18500 15A & the 18350 10.5A. So… if you’ve been waiting to jump in on this deal… …

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