SONY VTC5 18650 Batteries (3 Pack) $16.99


VaporDNA is doing a little Sony battery blowout.  Through May 3 (or while supplies last), you could pick up a 3-pack of authentic VTC5 batteries for only $16.99.  That works out to just $5.66 each, which is over half off the regular price.  If you’re reading this, then you’re probably …

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Samsung 25R 18650 Batteries (4 Pack) $15.99

samsung 25r

Very cheap price on some not-so-cheap batteries.  The Samsung 25R is one of the most notable batteries in the vaping game.  At 20 amps, it’s not what you might consider a powerhouse, but 2500mAh certainly helps balance the scale.  It’s an “everyday battery”—always reliable, and you’ll always find one in at …

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VTC4 Sony 18650 Battery (2 Pack) $8.99


We already saw this jaw-dropping deal on Sony VTC4 batteries earlier this month.  Not surprisingly, they went very fast, so I figured there might be a few people out there looking to get in on round 2.  I just received word that 101Vape has officially restocked and now the sale …

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Samsung 25r (2 Pack) $9.99

samsung 25r

Here’s a nice deal on a 2 pack of Samsung 25r batteries my guy Lou put me on. Xtardirect has them on sale for $9.99. But, they also have it on a buy one get one free promotion. Plus, they offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders with no minimum required. …

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MyFreedomSmokes Battery & Device Sale (20% off)


Another sale at MyFreedomSmokes???  I almost wonder if they have a big “Deal Wheel” that they spin every week just to decide what’s going to be on sale =)  Hey, that’d be fine by me as long as they keep on spinning.  The featured item this week: POWER.  From now until …

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Sony VTC4 2000mAh 18650 Battery (Pair) $8.99

sony vtc4

The weekend savings at 101Vape continues with a pair of Sony VTC4 batteries for only $8.99.  That’s only $4.50 each…half price!  Despite this incredibly low price, these things are anything but “cheap.”   The Sony VTC4 has a longstanding reputation in the vaping community as being one of the most reliable and …

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LG HG2 3.6V 18650 3000mAh (2 Pack) $10.80

lg hg2

Here’s a good deal for those looking to pick up a pair of LG HG2 batteries. Cvapor has them in stock and on sale for $12.67. But, use the coupon code “CVAPOR15OFF” at checkout and the total drops to $10.80. For those looking to pick them up a little more …

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LG HE4 2500mAh 18650 (4 Pack) $14.58

lg he4

Here’s a deal for those out there that need solid batteries but don’t want to break the bank. I got the heads up that Gearbest has a four pack of LG HE4 batteries on sale for $14.58 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. That breaks down to just about $3.65 per …

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