Samsung 30Q Batteries (2 Pack) $11.03

samsung 30q

Fasttech has a two pack Samsung 30Q batteries for $12.25. But, use the coupon code “RMBBUST” at checkout and the total drops to $11.03 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING inlcuded. Not a bad deal at all on some highly rated batteries. Just keep in mind that it typically take up to …

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LG HE4 Batteries (2 Pack) $15.79

lg he4

Exclusive-closeouts (on the bay) has a two pack of LG HE4 Batteries in stock and on sale for just $15.79 with FREE SHIPPING included. And, the seller guarantees that they are 100% authentic. I know that some people might have some resevations about buying batteries on the bay. But, if …

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101vape Battery BLOWOUT (25% Off)

101vape battery

I got the heads up on the 101vape Battery Blowout that just went live. All you have to do is use the coupon code “BLOWOUT” at checkout and you’ll save 25% off your 101vape Battery purchase. This makes a pair a Sony VTC4 batteries $9.74. I should know… I just …

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MFS Batteries Sale (30% Off)

mfs batteries

Here’s day four of MyFreedomSmokes 7 Days of Savings Sale… a MFS Batteries Sale. You can save 30% off any item in the MFS Batteries category when you use the coupon code “BATT30DEC” at checkout. This includes mod batteries, ego batteries or cigalike batteries. You gotta act with the quickness …

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Koopor Plus, TFv4 Mini, 25r Bundle $84.99

koopor plus

Here’s another bundle deal from our friends over at ecig-city. This one starts off with the Smok Koopor Plus 200 watt box mod in the black colorway. Then, add a Smok TFV4 Mini sub-ohm tank in the black colorway. Then finish the $84.99 bundle off with two Samsung 25r batteries. …

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MXJO 3000mAh 35A IMR 18650 (2 Pack) $13.77

mxjo 3000mah

Here’s a nice deal on a pair of MXJO 3000mAh batteries. Ecig has them in stock and on sale for just $14.50. But, use the coupon code “vapedeals” at checkout and the total drops to just $13.77. This is the newest version of the MXJO battery that features a max discharge …

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Noisy Cricket Mod Bundle $70.00

noisy cricket mod

Ecig-city has a Noisy Cricket Bundle in stock for just $70.00. It includes the Noisy Cricket Mod in Black or SS, the Indestructible RDA & two MXJO 18650 3000mah 35amp batteries. Plus, they are throwing in FREE SHIPPING as well. Not a bad deal at all. Especially considering they are a US vendor. With …

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Samsung 25r INR (2 Pack) $8.86

samsung 25r inr 18650 2500mah 2 pack

Here’s a nice deal on a pair of Samsung 25r Batteries. just re-stocked the 2 pack at $9.33. But, use the coupon code “vapedeals” at checkout and the price drops to just $8.86. That breaks down to just $4.43 for each 25r. Not a bad deal at all. Samsung …

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