Big Bang E Cigs Bomb Sauce 5 Pack $32.99

ATTENTION E-JUICE JUNKIES! I was just over at Big Bang E Cigs checking out there “Bomb Sauce” e-liquid line and I gotta say… CRAZY. With names like Alien Piss, Crunk Monk & Pimp Juice… I gotta say… it might be worth a try. Just so I can say… “Hey, wanna try some of my Pimp Juice”! =) But, i’m like you… I don’t wanna get too invested into a new e-liquid vendor unless I know I like their flavors. So here’s your chance to try Big Bang E Cigs on the cheap (er). They Have a 5 pack sampler for $33. And if you use the coupon code “bombsauce89″… your shipping will only be $3. That’s only $7.20 per 15mL bottle shipped. Not bad if you ask me. Now all that’s left to say is “hey, wanna try my pimp juice?”

Use Coupon Code: bombsauce89 ($3 Shipping)



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