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Black Stingray Mechanical MOD Clone (PREORDER) $49.99

In my opinion, the Black Stingray mechanical MOD clone is easily one of the nicest looking mechanical mods to be released this year. In fact, I predict that will hold up for the rest of the year. And, because of this, the Black Stingray clone is getting a lot of hype. That’s secret code for these are hard as hell to cop. =) Well, here’s your chance to jump in on a PREORDER from a legit eBay vendor. And, according to them, they are expected to ship for the manufacture in just 2 weeks. So, the wait won’t be that bad for these. Nice. =)


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. This mod sucks.

    • Chase Calloway

      If this mod is anything like the brass stingray we got from Infinite it does NOT SUCK!

    • Can you be more specific? One of my friends received the original black/copper version a few weeks ago and he loves it.

  2. Bruce Beckmann

    What is the size?-battery wise-

    • Chase Calloway

      it will fit 18650/18500/18350

    • I asked the eBay seller for more specifics, he replied with the following:

      “pin made of Copper with Silver Plating for better current flow and maintenance free. Bottom Cap; Copper with 304 Stainless Steel Ring and Magnetic Switch.”

      He sent me a more detailed picture as well and it looks like it will include tube parts for 18350, 18500 and 18650 battery configurations. The only thing left out is the Stingray drip tip.

  3. All,

    This seller after looking at his FB site and one recent feedback on eBay, seems to not respond or provide updates on much of any of his “pre-orders” Now I know that stuff from China takes awhile but when this went on sale on the 12th he said 2 weeks to ship from manufacturer. He has to know something by now and he sold a lot of these (157 total). People are posting requests for updates on the Hades Mod and this too. Again, I am good with waiting IF I know I need to. FT could have delivered it faster…



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