Brass Chi You Clone (IN STOCK SOON) $27.77

The brass Chi You Clone from FT sold out the first day it went up on the site. It seriously surprised me how fast they flew out the door. And since then… everyone was wondering when/if these will be back in stock. Well, I just got a notification that FT will be getting these back in stock within the next week. And, better yet… they opened it back up to be added to your cart and it ships within 5 business days! Kinda awesome if you’ve been waiting patiently to cop the brass Chi You clone. We don’t know how big the re-stock is though so if you want it get in ASAP.



  1. they finally shipped it. can’t wait! 🙂

  2. i’ve heard people say that the laser etched is a higher quality mod, can anyone speak on it?

    • Hey Pete… I got the “laser etched” version and it’s a high quality mod. pretty head solid feeling. Threads are super smooth (just a bit of noalox). Hits like a truck. Can’t speak on this one since I don’t have it and there is no reviews on FT.

  3. i just got mine in, and its a beast.. it is laser etched and a very nice mod bought a clear wrap from superjaymze for it and it looks stellar. i also bought the ss version and ss etched but this one is really nice

  4. the one i got sure was, i ordered the first day these popped up and the ss one i recieved last week was stamped and it looks alright, but this one i just got today is different from what was pictured.. same shiny gold brass but the logos are laser etched instead of stamped, it even had some print residue on it that i just wiped off… really nice clone and the logos are a light grey etching

    • Very interesting. So would you say the quality is on par with the “laser etched” version? I want to cop a brass one but I don’t want the logos to go away with my first polish/cleaning.

  5. looks like they gave me the tube from the newer chi clone with the ego threading but with the actual chi you clone bottom and top caps, also it has #154 etched on it instead of the 8888 like the ss version

    • Yo, you think you can make a review on youtube? Haha I just ordered mine and I’m too anxious to see what the Brass FT version looks like !

  6. i havent gotten my ss laser etched version yet its been in hong kong since the 29th, but the logos wont wipe away… the stamped one came with the same style logos as the private v2 clone, which will scratch off so i wrapped it in clear vinyl to keep it fresh

  7. @mister fred, ill try and do one tonight.. ill post a link to it on here


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