Brass Nemesis MOD Clone PRICE DROP! $19.79

When the all brass Nemesis MOD clone dropped a few months ago, it was priced at $23.00. Which was a bona fide steal at that time. Well, a few months & 130+ reviews later… the price has dropped down even further. The all brass Nemesis MOD clone now costs just $19.79 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! And speaking of reviews, how many mods that you know of have a 4.8 out of 5 stars average? To make a long story short. If your looking for a solid performing mechanical MOD on the cheap… you don’t have to look much further than this deal. It’s crazy how much vape gear your getting for less than $20 shipped.


  • David

    If it ever ships! The stainless steel ship date kept changing. Finally canceled order and ordered from 101. Be here tomorrow. Gold rings, who cares. Getting it two months sooner. Worth the extra cash, IMO.

    • quickstopjay

      If they have what you want in stock, you can’t go wrong with 101. My last order shipped in less than six hours. And I received it three days later.


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