Buffalo Mechanical MOD Clone $48.95

The same eBay vendor that brought you the Nucleus Atomizer Clone is also doing a pre-sale for the Buffalo MOD clone too! And both pre-sales have the lowest price so far on eBay. And, both pre-sales have FREE STANDARD SHIPPING thrown in. And, both pre-sales look very SEKSI when matched together. No surprise right? =) Seriously though. eBay vendors tend to raise their prices once sales start rolling in. So, if you wanna lock in the Buffalo at $48.95… I suggest you get your BIN in ASAP. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ve seen it happen way too many times already.



  1. Very nice looking mod and atty. I’ve been noticing people posting pics to show them off for a awhile now. If a brushed clone pops up anywhere, it’ll be an instacop for me.

  2. hi, do you have revelover mod clone?


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