Caravella Clone Hybrid Mechanical MOD (PRE-ORDER) $52.95

Earlier this month on the vape auctions Facebook Group, a #200’s non-asterisk Caravella sold for over $1400! What’s even more insane was that a person was rumored to be watching the end of the auction so intently that he totaled his car in the process! Insert the Caravella clone… also known as the totalled car saver.

That’s right folks, the Caravella clone is real and the first pre-order is up and running. Vaportek, true to there reputation, is offering it first and with a discounted price. For that reason alone… you know that this pre-order is going to sell out with the quickness! So pull over, place your car in park, head on over to Vaportek and get on this deal now!

There will be a wait time for this device so do realize when you order it will take some time to ship to you.



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