CASAA 2017 ECigIntelligence Survey of Vapers

Hey, guys.  I felt it was worth notifying the VAPE DEALS community about this.  CASAA just sent out a reminder concerning the 2017 Survey of Vapers.  Basically, it only requires about 10 minutes of your time to answer 50 questions regarding your vaping preferences, usage, history, etc.  I realize this may seem unimportant…but the insight gained from surveys like these can be extremely beneficial in protecting our industry and vaping rights.  The collected data helps create a more realistic picture of actual vapers; which, if you ask me, is far more effective than relying on mere speculation (as our policymakers so often do).  So, I’m hoping you can spare a few minutes to tick a few boxes.  Remember, even our smallest efforts can help make a difference.  Thanks!

[ From CASAA ]

“This survey has been produced by ECigIntelligence, an independent information service focused on tracking regulatory change and market intelligence for the e-cigarette sector.

The purpose of this survey is to study how and why people use electronic cigarettes and to understand their journey in usage over time. The survey is done in conjunction with CASAA and the results will be used to ensure that stakeholders and policymakers have a clearer understanding of the current behaviour of vapers. The survey is completely anonymous and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.”



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