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Igo W Rebuildable Atomizer $5.67


The Igo W rebuildable atty is probably one of the most tried and true rebuildable atomizer around. This was the standard in the RBA world for awhile. I’ve owned about 5 of these things and always end up giving them away to my friends who tried and loved them. Its …

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Plume Veil Style RDA $9.00


The people at Fasttech must have seen that I post a deal for the Plume Veil Style RDA at one of their competitors for a cheaper price because they just dropped the price on theirs to 9 bucks flat. (I don’t really think fasttech checks out our site but its …

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Zipper Pouch (Fits 26650 Sized Mods) $2.73


With the popularity of 26650 mods now-a-days, it seemed appropriate to post a new multi spandex zipper pouch that hit the shelves. Keep your pockets clear and hang your mod from your belt loop. I cant stress how much I love things like this. Ever since I picked up my first …

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Tesla Atomic Style RDA $8.67


The Tesla Atomic Style RDA took a price drop. This RDA was designed by the same people that brought you the Panzer. Its pretty nice looking at at under 9 bucks this is definitely something that you should give a look. Stats on the Tesla Atomic Style RDA: 22mm, stainless …

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Aspire Vivi Nova Clearomizer $3.33


VaporBeast just put up a brand new deal of the day. This time up to bat, the Aspire Vivi Nova Dual Coil Clearomizer for about 66% off MSRP. In other words… $3.33! A damn good price for a solid piece of vape equipment. The Aspire Vivi Nova Clearomizer features a …

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Coil Jig Tool For Rebuildable Atomizers $3.05


Have you been in the market for a coil jig but didn’t feel the need to pay $15+ for it? Well Fasttech just undercutted the whole coil jig market. I dont see how they can get any cheaper than this. I mean, you figure to ship this thing from China …

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Pre Made Wire And Wick (Restocked) $3.56-$3.60


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve become a pretty lazy vape head myself and I’m not calling my GOTSMOKIANS lazy… BUT… This was one of the most clicked links for me last month. So if it looks like it and vapes like it. What is it? A clone? …

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Plume Veil Style RDA $9.33


Theres a nice little deal going on for the Plume Veil Style RDA. Under 10 bucks? With FREE shipping? This RDA is so easy to build on with its dual negative and dual positive post design. You can throw single coil, dual coils or quad coils on easily. It also …

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