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Sony US18650VTC3 30 Amp Batteries $6.59


Got this deal from the GOTSMOK Forums. Right now… IlluminationSupply has the Sony US18650VTC3 30 amp batteries on sale. And, you can use the coupon code “ISPower” to drop the price even more. After the sale and discount… they end up costing just $6.59 a battery. Which ends up being …

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Ekowool 2.5mm (1 foot) & Free E-liquid $3.00


So… I was just browsing over at DNA and saw that they have 2.5mm ekowool in stock and ready to ship. And, it’s priced at just $3 a foot. I mean… that price alone is already pretty decent in comparison to some other vendors. Now… considering that they have a …

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Aspire ET BDC Pyrex Clearomizer $7.19


This looks like a pretty decent deal on a clearomizer. The Aspire ET is a bottom dual coil pyrex clearomizer. Dang… say that fast 3 times in a row. =) Seriously… whats not to like about this one. It looks pretty nice. It features Pyrex glass and a bottom dual …

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Ready Wires 100 Pack (Nichrome) $3.69


Fasttech just placed ready wires in stock. They are bundled in 100 piece packs and are available in 1.8, 2.2 & 2.5 ohms. Awesome deal. This is about 50% cheaper than the going rate for ready wires. That’s assuming that they even have them in stock. And, when you throw the …

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Sony US18650VTC3 1600mAh Battery $6.49


I just got the heads up that SunVapers has just put the Sony US18650VTC3 on sale. Right now… they cost $6.49! Not a bad deal considering how hard it is to get batteries past China post lately. Even better deal considering how good these batteries are! The Sony US18650VTC3 is …

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Smok E Mountain Fusion Drip Tips $9.00


I just noticed that DNA just placed the Smok E Mountain Fusion drip tips up on there site. And, they run just $9.00 after you use the coupon code “DNA10”. Not a bad deal at all considering how pimp these drip tips are. Here’s a hint though. When you pick …

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MNKE 18650 3.7v 1500mAh High Discharge Battery $9.85


Still trying to cop a MNKE 18650 IMR high drain battery? Well here you go. They are in stock and ready to ship. Just use the coupon code “Shanty” and the price drops down to $9.85. Not the greatest deal. But hey… just finding these in stock from a reputable …

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Efest 30 Amp 18650 IMR Battery $7.79


Finding decent batteries has been kinda hard ever since the Asian postal system decided that they didn’t want US shoppers buying up all of there’s. But, there are still some pretty good batteries at decent prices if you know where to look. Just like these Efest 30 Amp 18650 IMR …

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