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Limited Edition Drip Tip Clone $2.06


I mean… I like high end gear as much as the next guy. But a limited edition drip tip that costs 35 euros… that’s just crazy. That’s almost $50! Well, i guess FastTech thought that a $50 limited edition drip tip was pretty crazy as well. So, they released the …

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Vista Vapors Coupon Code (21% Off)


I just got the heads up on a few Vista Vapors coupon codes you can use to save quite a few bucks. First off, you can use the coupon code “VISTA21” to save 21% off your first order! Next up to bat, you can use the coupon code “VISTATEN” to …

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eGo Blister Kit 900mAh $6.00


Here’s a pretty hot deal for those looking for a basic starter kit. AlternateCig just placed their 900mAh eGo Blister Kit on sale for just $6.00! That’s like half the FastTech price! Crazy. Each eGo Blister Kit includes (1) 900mAh eGo battery, (1) CE4 clearomizer & (1) USB charger. Basically… …

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Patriot RDA Clone (No Logo) $10.00


Here’s a pretty nice deal on the Patriot RDA Clone (no logo). UltraMist just placed these on sale for just $10 with FREE SHIPPING included! Come on, getting any RDA atomizer from a USA vendor for $10 shipped is a pretty hot deal just by itself. When that atomizer is …

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Kayfun PMMA Nano Set $5.17


I know that there are more than a few people in the GOTSMOK community that have been waiting for this. FastTech just stocked the 6 piece Kayfun PMMA Nano Set. Basically, this Kayfun PMMA Nano Set includes everything you need to convert your Kayfun 3.1 or Kayfun Lite into not …

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Engima RDA Atomizer Clone $7.90-8.30


Here’s a nice surprise. Fasttech just stocked the Engima RDA atomizer clone in stainless steel or brass. Both feature (2) air holes, (3) posts, laser etched logos & a brass contact. And with each purchase… you get to one step closer to joining the Freemasons. Just kidding. Or am I? …

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Two Tone 510 Drip Tip $1.84


It’s not very often I put up a deal for a $1.84 drip tip. But, I gotta say, this two tone 510 drip tip is pretty nice at any price. Two tone… check. Double o-rings… check. Shorty style… check. All of these features make this two tone 510 drip tip …

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Russian 91 Replacement Parts $5.00


Here’s a first for me. It looks like VaporDNA has just stocked Russian 91 replacement parts. And, from the looks of it, each Russian 91 replacement part costs just $5.00. And, you can use the coupon code to save 10% off. Hey, if you somehow lost or broke a part …

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