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Brass Kraken RBA By Vicious Ant $150


I just noticed that DNA has the limited brass Kraken by Vicious Ant in stock and ready to ship. Which… by itself is a “deal” considering that these are sold out pretty much everywhere. That being said… you can also use the coupon code “DNA10” to save 10% off the …

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Provape Provari Hybrid Colors (NOW AVAILABLE)


Here’s a quick heads up for all you Provape Provari fans. If you didn’t already know… the Provape Provari is now available in hybrid colors. The first 3 launch hybrid colors are white to black, green to blue & black to red. Now if only they release hybrid color atomizers. …

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iHybrid Pure By Faceless (IN STOCK) $99.95


Finding the iHybrid Pure by Faceless in stock and ready to ship is in itself a HOT DEAL! =) Problem is… they are almost impossible to find in stock. And when they are in stock… they tend to sell out in less than a day. Well… here you go. VapingCraze …

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Aqua Atomizer By Footoon + 2 Bottles Of E-Juice $175.00


DNA just got the Aqua atomizer by Footoon in stock. The usual coupon code is not applicable. But, for a limited time… you get a free 15mL bottle of Halcyon Dragon Ch’I e-liquid included with your order. And I gotta say… Dragon Ch’I is kinda awesome! That’s in addition to …

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Budz Worx Gamma v2 Tank (Free Shipping) $155.00


I just noticed that UltraVaping has the Budz Worx Gamma v2 Tank on sale for $155.00. While definitely not a #teamcheapmod RBA… it’s a good price if your in the market. Considering that these usually run $190 plus shipping. $155.00 shipped free is a good $40 off. For those of …

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Aqua Atomizer By Footoon $175.00


Kayfun this… Kayfun that. Let’s kick it up a notch here. Definitely not a #teamcheapmod atomizer. But, the Aqua Atomizer by Footoon is one of the hottest RBAs on the market. As such, they are hard to find in stock. They were just released on Saturday and pretty much sold …

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Provari Zombie Edition by Provape $179.95


This is just a heads up that the limited edition Provari Zombie Edition is still available. According to the Provape Facebook page… it will only be available until the end of the year or while supplies last. I got an idea… the Halloween release is dubbed the Provari Zombie Edition. …

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Lotus MOD By Elli (Free Shipping & Juice) $185.00


VaporDNA just placed the Lotus MOD by Elli in stock and ready to ship. They have limited stock of both the brushed and polished versions. Considering that the production run is limited to 300… just finding them in stock is a deal in itself. But, for a limited time… also …

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