$10 – $25

Vacuum Coated Nemesis Clones $21.26


I just saw some new Nemesis Clones over at FocalEcig. These are Vacuum Coated. And, they look like they have a different finish/sheen than all the other Neme clones so far. It’s almost metallic mirror looking. It may just be me but take a look for yourself. Then let me …

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Ekowool Wick (2 Or 3mm) Sale $13-15.00


It’s been a minute since I’ve thrown an Ekowool wick deal out there. Well, that ends right now. Ultramist just placed their stock on sale for a limited time. You can pick up 20 feet of 2mm for just $13.00. Or, 20 feet of 3mm for $15.00. Think about it …

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Panzer MOD Clone (FREE SHIPPING) $22.50


First off, shout out to Ian for the heads up on this deal. With that said… it looks like FocalEcig has just placed the Panzer MOD Clone on sale. And, at $22.50, I’m pretty sure that I haven’t seen it going for any cheaper. Seriously though… the Panzer MOD Clone …

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Rainbow Steel Nemesis MOD Clone $20.70


I know right off the bat that this might not be for everyone. But, it is pretty cool so I’m gonna throw it out there. FastTech just stocked the rainbow steel Nemesis MOD clone. Price is just $20.70 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. The Rainbow Steel Nemesis Clone features adjustable …

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Raijin Mechanical MOD Clone $20.52


Another surprise clone release hit the FastTech shelves today. This time, the Raijin Mechanical MOD clone in two different finishes were stocked. The first being the standard stainless steel with brass two tone version. The second being the PVD coated stainless steel and brass version! And get this. Both versions …

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Standard Vape FUES (Newest Flavor) $19.80


Here’s a heads up for all The Standard Vape E-liquid junkies out there. It looks like they just released a new flavor called “Standard Vape FUES”. And in true Standard fashion… their description is somewhat vague. They describe the Standard Vape FUES as “a¬†mystery dessert flavor”. That’s pretty much it. …

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Brass Panzer MOD Clone $24.32


This one is pretty cool. FastTech just stocked the brass Panzer MOD clone. The funny thing is at $24.32, this brass Panzer clone is one of the cheapest Panzer clones that they have in stock. But, being solid brass… this is also probably the best performing one out of the …

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Aspire Nautilus (USA Vendor) $22.99


101vape just stocked the Aspire Nautilus. And, in true 101vape style, they have one of the lowest prices for a USA vendor. They have the Nautilus priced at just $22.99. And, they have the 5 pack of replacement atomizer heads for just $9.99! When you take into consideration their cheap …

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